Repairing the seat on our 1950 Chevy pickup | Redline Update

Davin is one heck of a mechanic, yet he knows his limits as well as when to request aid. That is why today's Redline Update he is taking an expedition, and not to the usual area. Today Davin visit's his good friend Adam at Hammer as well as Dolly Car Restorations to get some upholstery help.

Take a look at Hammer & Dolly:

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28 Replies to “Repairing the seat on our 1950 Chevy pickup | Redline Update”

  1. It’s interesting that prior to the Big Three actually using foam, “horse hair” was a commodity back then? I imagine because it was inexpensive?

    1. I’ve been a professional auto trimmer for 44 years, horsehair was quite a common padding up through the ’50s. They even made rubberized horsehair in sheets later on. At one time I have even had an old Mercedes with seats padded with human hair (Think of Auschwitz). It was a sad thing to see, let alone think about it. Yes, I removed it.

    2. I took some old carpet out of a few houses that had horsehair padding, stuff was a dried out fire hazard and feel apart almost like powder when we pulled it up.

  2. Great video on one of the most overlooked aspects of restoration and hotrodding! I’ve got an old VW that could use some seat love. I’m inspired to refinish those now!

    1. you can do it , it goes easier with 2 people. My wife & I re did the bench seat in our 59, what a difference! It completely changes the ride experience. i used 2″ of foam & batting to fill in areas as needed. good luck

  3. So glad they removed that old stuff… that’s not “mouse” you smell, that’s mouse *pee* and mouse *poop* and the bacteria that goes along with it. 🐭

  4. As an amateur, I’ll point something out they gloss over (because I’m sure I’m the only person who’s ever done this). There is an upper limit to how much you can pull the fabric/vinyl before those hog rings pull out of the vinyl. Tight is good, but too tight is going to tear.

  5. I got a 85 dodge and Im making my own seat cover for and this helped answer a few questions in what I am going to do.

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