Resurrecting a 1951 Nash Deliveryman | Barn Find Hunter – Ep. 64

Tom heads to Bozeman, MT, to share a place he discovered while driving on a Cobra scenic tour the previous year. The proprietor behaved adequate to hold off any changes to his collection so we can bring you along and also show you his wild as well as eclectic preference. No matter your preference this man has all of it, Steam Cars, Rotary, European cars, American Muscle, as well as even race cars. Sit back and appreciate one of Tom's favorite discoveries in the "Barn Find Hunter" series.

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56 Replies to “Resurrecting a 1951 Nash Deliveryman | Barn Find Hunter – Ep. 64”

    1. @Abe Davis Yeah, I’m happy about the ones that get towed in, because in a commercial lot they’d be crushed. But the ones that were driven in, they’re just rotting down to junk. Of course sitting in a yard, they’re not being exposed to road salt, just weather.

    2. Literally every snow plow I’ve been close to or behind always is gravel not salt and I’ve lived in the Bozeman Montana area my whole life

    3. Cars in Montana will not rust as much as they do on the east coast. Montana is higher, drier, and much colder, when it’s often below zero and the air dries out, Montana doesn’t use a much salt as they do on the east coast. A front wheel drive car with winter tires works well in most of the time. Years ago I drove through Idaho and Montana in the winter time on a regular basis, you learn to respect mountain passes, weather and road conditions, it can be scary at times.

    1. Tell you what though, I wouldnt have been leaving that place without that mazda RX3 SP .. that would be an interesting build

    1. some of those passionate car guys have indeed unbelievable memory – Passion must entertain a great memory i guess

    2. Ive forgotten most of my girlfriends names .. .. …. but I could tell you about ALL of the cars Ive owned. (to be fair, I loved most of my cars more than my girlfriends)

    3. Drew Pierce & Hagerty – on top of all the comments made (all valid), I was totally impressed with just how humble and cool this guy was. I felt it was just as much a privilege to meet him as much as it was to see all his cars. Hagerty, thanks a bunch for facilitatin’…!

  1. Thank God for these Hoarders if it wasn’t for them most of these cars would have made it to the Crusher now if they’ll just have the wear for all to let some of them go so other people can enjoy them also.

    1. If not for these hoarders, the cars might have ended up with people who’d have cared for them and actually done something.

      All they’d done is let them rot, and by greedily hoarding them for so long most people are now priced out of ever having a chance to own one. They’ve stolen a wealth of experiences and joy from those in the hobby.

  2. Can you imagine someone trying to do with a modern car in 60 years, what was done with that Nash ? Fuel ? Check, Sparks ? Check , Compression ? Check, 25 ECU black boxes all working ? Nope.

    1. oh, wait you have to start it with an app on your smartphone… “grandpa, what’s a smartphone?”

    2. Not really an issue. There are already several companies that sell micro-device emulators. All you need is a header and ribbon cable. Dozens of ECUs / MPUs programmed into the box. Even if it’s obscure and you know the specifications it can be reprogrammed.

    3. At Maththew Erwin…It will be WAY,way b4 that after The Republicans are out of office…12/01/19

    1. Collections like this wouldn’t exist if he restored, repaired and sold everything on as soon as it was bought. Videos like this are only thanks to optimistic hoarders

  3. Definitely my favorite episode and i really relate to what he said in the beginning “I’ve never met a car i didn’t like” What a beautiful collection

    1. I also used to say I’ve never met a car I didn’t like….and then I started to really look hard at cars. Examples of cars I could take or leave? A 4 cylinder powered Tempo/Topaz, though if it was the rarer 2 door and/or had a manual transmission, then I might be interested. The 70s Chevy Monza Town Coupe is another, at least with the 4 cylinder engine and especially if it had the 4 cylinder engine and automatic transmission.
      I was surprised that this guy had never been “up close and personal” with any NSU. When I lived in Memphis there was a former dealer turned repair shop for German cars about a mile from my house. Around the outside of the main building were several old VW beetles and NSU sedans.

  4. I tell you if I had the money, I would love to buy that Nash wagon, awesome find and its in great condition. Great video

  5. Hearing and seeing that ole nash wake up from its sleep LITERALLY brought me to tears.THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THAT!!!

  6. It’s frustrating to see good project cars returning to the earth:( Keep the sentimental cars and sell the rest before it’s too late!

    1. Woah all the roadkill haters.. hahah they do have respect for cars but sorry to crush your bubble most the junk they actually destroy is worthless anyways..

    2. @Legacy 4×4 and Off Road Like that classic Buick that they pull out of the weeds and proceed to cut up? Or that cadillac they cut the roof of? At first they were cool, saving junky cars etc, then it devolved into reality tv.

    3. @Legacy 4×4 and Off Road i love roadkill, but it is roadkill, they hack stuff, which is fine if its already garbage

  7. If this show was Roadkill, Freidburger and Finnegan would swap that nash with V8 engine on the chassis.

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