Rethinking the AMC Pacer | Chip Foose Draws a Car – Ep.6

Often ridiculed following its debut in the stormy 1970s, the AMC Pacer's radical analysis of a compact cars and truck has since accomplished an outstanding accomplishment– it's become a reputable cult standard. One component of its surprising style included a big quantity of glass to make the cars and truck both look and feel bigger, which is something Chip Foose reimagines as a custom-made delivery van.

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33 Replies to “Rethinking the AMC Pacer | Chip Foose Draws a Car – Ep.6”

    1. Also, that drivetrain would be nice, but is very expensive. How about a built 360 with a stick shift? Now that would be fun. Either way it would be a hand full with that short wheelbase.

  1. I used to work with a guy who could draw like this. He knew how to draw every wheel,every car, panel etc. You could ask him to draw a mash up between say a SAAB turbo,and a ’65 Mustang Fastback and he’d pull it off. I still have the drawing somewhere he gave me, around 1998 i asked him to do a modern Rolls,and it’s virtual twin to what came out 6 years later as the 2004 Phantom.
    A magazine in the 70’s made a pickup out of a Pacer

    1. I remember that,a customizer by the name of Carl Casper built that, I saw a picture of it in Street Machine magazine back in either ’78 or ’79,it was painted bright yellow.

    2. @Roger Camp Yes that’s the one, now that you mention yellow…it had flames on it. And they drove it across the country.

    1. I should have added that we were in high school and I think I have been by that place in PA.

  2. When I was a Medic years back, I was dispatched to an accident involving one of these. As you can imagine there was glass everywhere. I thought the Pacer hit a truck hauling glass. It was t boned by a ford Ranger. Every glass panel was shattered or fell off the car except the windshield. Smh

  3. I’m always amazed on the work Chip Foose manages to quickly whip out. That “sketch” is defenetly high quality artwork!

  4. “sometimes you have to do a sketch to discover there’s something cool in there” …words to live by…

  5. Would love to know the brand of markers and the pad used the blending is amazong with minimal Bleed

    1. They’re Chartpak AD, be careful though… they give off awful fumes which is why I imagine they blend so well.

  6. I used a Pacer front end for my 52 Chevy truck. The best modification I’ve done to the truck.

  7. My mom had one when I was a kid. She would drop my sister off at high school and my sister said the other kids said it looked like an upside down fishbowl on wheels. She hated that car. It was kind of embarrassing. One day it threw a rod through the side of the block, so my mom “upgraded” to a Chevy Citation.

    1. Ahhh, the Chevy Citation! I had an orange manual trans Citation in the early 80’s, it did some nice smokey front wheel burnouts, kinda ugly though.

    2. @J P Was yours an X-11? I remember seeing those running around. I believe they had 4 speeds in them.

  8. So good foose, love your work man. So admiringly amazing. Your work is always amazing though 👍👍

  9. I loved the Pacer and that looks amazing!! I wish he would draw a 1995-1998 Buick Riviera !!!!!

  10. I’d love to BUILD one!
    Ford 5.0 (2018 EFI) with a 6-Speed and Four-Link rear suspension! On air…

  11. OMG if an AMC Gremlin hooked up with a Ford Pinto ………
    As for drive train I would go with a mild inline 6 and a T5

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