Rethinking the the infamous Pontiac Aztek | Chip Foose Draws a Car – Ep. 11

We took your comments and made this take place. Chip Foose can take on any type of problematic design and enhance it, and the Pontiac Aztek was generally mocked permanently reason. The original idea auto from 1999 definitely had advantage, but all the desired energy as well as visibility dropped the drainpipe when the concept satisfied the "difficult factors" of GM's U-body minivan system. A cool Pontiac SUV based upon a Pontiac Montana? All the best keeping that: The end result stank to a lot of eyes, ill-proportioned, and its plastic clothed body was so awkward that a mid-cycle exterior rejuvenate happened in the 2nd year of manufacturing … virtually unheard of in the automobile layout business.
Thankfully, Chip Foose is a guy with a plan.

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24 Replies to “Rethinking the the infamous Pontiac Aztek | Chip Foose Draws a Car – Ep. 11”

  1. Thank you Mr. Foose. Your drawings and artwork are wonderful. I never thought you could save a Pontiac Aztec, but you did. Again, thank you for the great content.

    1. I agree, the Aztec is not a good looking car but the Multipla is just heinous. I fail to comprehend how a vehicle like that can make it to market.

  2. Absolutely Amazing Chip… Met you once at SEMA 2009! If you ever want to do a drawing for me …1969 Ford Torino GT Formal Roof, Black w/Red Guts and GT Stripe along the Rocker ‘;-)

  3. I like what Chip did with this redesign of what is widely known as a hideous machine! This is an Aztec i wouldn’t mind owning. Its aggrrssive yet sporty and sleek. Kind of reminds me of something you’d see in a Jurassic Park film!

  4. That rendering of the Aztek looks completely different it actually make it look good it would be cool to see your take on a ford bronco ii

  5. The reason I love these episodes is the ability to watch/hear your process and growth of the idear from first to final. Simply suberb. (edit – … and in this case you turned a Spastek into an X5)

  6. There is still something to the saying “Picking a turd up by the clean end”… He’s working with damaged goods from the start.

  7. The aztech would have been great looking if done 4wd with a slight lift enough for 32-33 inch tires

  8. What a delight to see old school design and rendering: French curves, circle templates, straight edges, tracing paper, and, yup, pencils. Much fun. Much experience and skill.
    PS How did colorists ever link “anthracite” with gray? Metamorphic anthracite coal is jet black and glassy in reflectivity. And often the black is tinted with an iridescent dark blue. [Anthracite coal can actually be quite beautiful unlike typical matte black bituminous coal.] Probably colorists never took a geology course. And made it up on the fly. Oh well. 🙂

  9. It’s never boring when Chip’s brain hamster jumps in the wheel and this design certainly didn’t disappoint. It really is amazing how so many production cars that were less than pretty, could be changed into something gorgeous with just a few modifications sometimes. For those who would love a cool old classic but have a less than pretty budget, get inspired by car people with imaginations like Chip. Affordable and you won’t have 30 other people at cruise night with the same car as you.

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