Retrofitting for reliability on a Ford Model A | Kyle’s Garage – Ep.3

With the authorities as well as pins off his 1930 Ford Design A, Kyle looks to retrofit the old push-in, non-lock on oil installations with a contemporary Zerk fitting. This will certainly permit less complicated greasing of the front end to ensure all the repairs being set up will certainly get the oil they need to last a lot more years.

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26 Replies to “Retrofitting for reliability on a Ford Model A | Kyle’s Garage – Ep.3”

    1. True, it would be best with a drill press. Sadly, I don’t have one (yet) so I’m going to make do with what I do have. A careful touch will get the job done right!

  1. Peet B nailed it, at the 3:16 mark your ID bracelet is clearly visible showing all phone number. Sooo you may wish to edit this posting.

  2. Some (hopefully) constructive criticism… I think most of us watching your video already know how to drill and tap a hole. This coulda been a 2 or 3 minute video showing us the before and after. Needs a little more content to deserve a ‘like’. I’ll still follow your series because it could be interesting, but a weekly video needs a little more ‘meat’ out of the 16 minutes. Take care. See ya next week.

  3. Wheew!(Wiping sweat), I thought you were going to show me grease caps that you were eliminating. Thankfully the “A” isn’t THAT old.

  4. Nice wiring job, not sure what is going on there, is that supposed to be switches or an outlet, and is that speaker wires? you will need a divider between the low voltage and high voltage.

  5. You should use a dab of oil or grease on your drill bit AND the tap when doing this. Also, use a tapping block to make sure the hole is drilled and tapped STRAIGHT. That pipe tap you’re using has to go as deep as the largest width of the threads on it to be able to put the zerk in there. Just a suggestion.

  6. I hope you don’t let these keyboard warriors get you down about your video. It’s fun to watch this series on your A. There aren’t very many out there (videos I mean) on these cars. It takes a lot of work and patience to film yourself doing this stuff. Awesome job and good luck on your next video!!

  7. My late 31′ is mostly original fittings and few modern.. ye olde paper clip helps at times with old fittings…

  8. Very nice video. I’d just suggest using Brakleen to clean the bearings out before repacking.
    You want to get every crumb outta there possible, so hose ’em down, spin ’em, dry ’em, then
    pack them. Good as new. 🙂
    -Ed on the Ridge

  9. Packing the Bearings — Growing up on a farm, I’ve re-used old bearings more than a few times. You HAVE to make more of an effort to get all that old grit and grime out of those bearings! If you don’t have a couple cans of brake cleaner (or similar solvent) to break down that old grease, then maybe you could consider some Simple Green and an Ultrasonic Cleaner. That grime has got to come out, or it WILL chew up the bearings and the race! Push Packing the old grease out is a very poor habit to get into. Thanks for the video — Bob

  10. Always love to see people working on old cars of any caliber, they wont be around forever. The machinist in me wants to say id do the grease fittings differently but if it works its not stupid, so great job and dont mind people complaining that you did it wrong. Just sort through them for tips and tricks.

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