Revive the Jeep XJ’s timeless design? | Chip Foose Draws a Car – Ep. 10

2021 Ford Bronco or 1st-gen Jeep Cherokee: Which would certainly you rather have? The Jeep Cherokee (XJ) was a leader that established the stage for the enormous success of the modern SUV. It had a distinct mix of on-road handling, off-road prowess, and also a simple, tough, however comfortable style for the whole family members. As well as while the even more renowned Jeep Wrangler is also more desirable to several off-roaders, the XJ still delights in a devoted following to this particular day. Chip Foose sees potential in the clean and also clean lines, doing extremely little to make it right into the best off-road car.

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37 Replies to “Revive the Jeep XJ’s timeless design? | Chip Foose Draws a Car – Ep. 10”

    1. @CanadaBud23 Awesome to hear!! Take care of them and they’ll outlast a new “Jeep”. No engine rebuild? Any major problems along the way? We all know they tend to like to leak oil but what engine wouldn’t at a certain age

    2. I have a 97 2 door 4.0 5 speed that my dad bought new with 6 miles on it! It now has 225,xx with the original clutch still!! I love my XJ!!!! I am hoping to pass it down to my son that is now 11!! Chip, if you ever want to build one, I have a very nice one I would love to see you build!!!!!

  1. You’re the best Chip! Wish I could afford you to have fun on my 64 4 door Cadillac deville!!

  2. These were great vehicles. The only thing is that the engine would outlast the body. They rotted out so quickly.

    1. Yeap unfortunately the sheet metal was prone to rust easily. But if you take care of them they are forever. I love mine, little rust, 170k miles and still running great

    2. @VehicleTribe Yah here in the northeast and without taking great care of them I have gone through 3 of them

    3. @VehicleTribe The last one I had the spring mounts had rested out so bad that you couldnt sit in the back seat because the springs we’re so high. And not to mention 3 out of the 4 sides of the box frame were gone for about 8 inches

    4. I took mine to Boston and it was my daily driver for three years. I made sure to pressure wash the underside every other week or sometimes every week. I live in Washington now and it’s still in great condition.

  3. My first car was a 1997 jeep 2 door xj 5 speed manual. Only died as it got hit by a drunk driver.

  4. So when you selling the posters for this? I’m thinking 2.5’x4′ would be a good size.

    1. Do a screen grab at 12:31 on 1080, download a poster printing program and then print it out in sections. Buy poster stock or Coroplast and spray glue it on. Done. Total cost $1

    2. @Daver G Hmm sounds like an idea! I was pondering to get someone to blow up an image to make a poster.

    3. @CanadaBud23 A graphics person would charge you a good amount of money to do it… I have about 400 posters I made and change them out in my place all the time. Like old travel posters, and old car/motorcycle etc ads.

  5. My first car was a 93 Grand Cheorkee Laredo, in my opinion the best car ever made. Between the unkillable i6, the comfortable cloth seats, the good power it had, and real working 4H and 4L, just a fantastic vehicle.

    I miss it.

  6. Really skilled guy!Does amazing work.Its gonna be Ford Bronco all the way soon!Great vehicle.Go the Ford!

  7. One of my favorite vehicles. Nice work Chip! Even cooler that you chose the two-door

  8. Love chips talent – amazing. One day i hope to see a Land Rover Discovery 2 “Chips view” vision 😉

  9. Love chip love my jeeps they need to come back with a heavy duty off road Cherokee to compete to compete with bronco not every one wants a Jeep they want a Jeep suv too

  10. I’m pretty sure buddy would agree with me on this to that owns a Jeep Cherokee bring it back with that design with solid front and rear axles and bring back the legendary 4.0 liter 6-cylinder maybe make a little more Martin with a little more horsepowerthe old ones prove themselves again bulletproof look at mine is 33 years old and it still running the original it almost got 200,000 miles

  11. Beautiful interpretation of the classic Cherokee XJ, Chip. I had a 1998 Cherokee Sport bought 5/1999, put nearly 200k on it, and just traded it in last August for a new 2019 Wrangler S Unlimited. Jeep needs to redo the current Cherokee, more like your design. Thank you.

  12. Thanks Chip for this. I work at Jeep plant for 32 years been out 12 now and still the XJ I had a 2 dr just like the you worked on. Wished mind look that great.

  13. You make a great job, I love your draft.
    Please draft a Mercedes G class from 99.
    I think a lot of people would like to see this classic car from your point of view

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