Rust-free Barn Finds in Arizona | Barn Find Hunter – Ep. 14

Tom Cotter's drive via Arizona yields a number of unusual vehicles and also trucks– and furniture. In a lawn near Lake Havasu, Cotter discovers a 1950 Ford Marmon-Herrington 4WD truck as well as numerous backyards of fabric for automotive insides, in the rear of a weathered distribution van. Later, he reveals an incredibly tidy '63 Lincoln Continental exchangeable living under a tarpaulin, as well as near to a Super Marauder-powered 1964 Mercury Swarm Park wagon. There are likewise old Hondas, a Corvair Corsa, and a Lotus Formula Ford featured. And Cotter completes the episode with suggestions on just how he locates antiques when he's traveling.

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29 Replies to “Rust-free Barn Finds in Arizona | Barn Find Hunter – Ep. 14”

    1. my brother built a 450/horse chevelle went over a rise and RR track to a downhill then up an embankment into a solid granite block building. didn’t even faze the house. dad made him ride the ten speed a year then he took the parts to another 70/chevelle both were 70s first was purple. As I rode in to Toledo on my 8000/ mile USA bicycle tour I saw the cowling 454/600 horse beast in the park and a lot of smoke coming from two boys huffing away. from 1/2 mile away in the sunset. they saw a dot get bigger till it turned into their brother and that must have been a wakeup. So when I took off for points south I got the news later Bud corkscrewed the beast down a ditch at 200+/mph. picked him up with microscope and tweezers. My father suffered three catastrophes. sis ran in front of a 58/Buick chasing a ball RIP. Then I went head on into a car on a kawi 750. Tim became a camera man to a big Columbus oh. ministry. Miraculously I’m sti here 30/years later. Be careful.out there

  1. Tom,Nice show, knowledgeable . I always like the “Old School” Wagons too. Well Orchestrated, Powerful sleepers they are.

  2. Tom, tell these guys to quit hoarding and sell before it’s too late.  They all die and the family calls the junk yard for a cleanup.

    1. Yes, I’d think it’s better to sell. My Grandpa kept a 67 Grand Prix convertible in the dirt-floor garage for nearly 50 years and it’s still sitting with under 35k miles, a mouse-chewed roof and a moldy interior. It’s probably still a fairly solid car but it’s not mint like he intended (especially since he put it under a tarp which is how it got moldy.)

  3. I hate people who have old cars that are rare let them sit out in the field and rust to where they’re no good anymore. sell them to somebody who would fix them up

    1. yeah, better they have $100 in their pocket than nothing while the car rots to nothing and can’t be restored. But so many of them think they will live to be 250 years old and will eventually “get around to it”.

    2. @Daijyobanai hate horders like this, see it all the time, “Im gonna get around to fixin it one of these days, NOT “

    3. “I’d hate to see anyone else have this car that I “love” so much that I’d sooner have it melt into the mud and perhaps some folks will appreciate what I’ve done with my life by claiming I could possibly restore more than twenty some-odd cars in my entire lifetime but it’s a nice ego trip when dudes pull up with cameras to drool over my decaying amassed aggregation of my accumulated heap of steel piled into a weed infested field.”
      “NOT FER SALE!, geet ot churr wiffn yer munny!”
      And you KNOW they are lying through their teeth when they claim its only been “15-20 years” when they say that the lat time it ran was when they were in high school in ’82 and it say ever since. THAT’S FORTY YEARS MAN! not 15-20!

  4. I love watching your channel. Being from Europe I learn a lot about American cars. As a bonus we get to travel trough your beautifull country. Thanks!

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