Setting valve lash on a Buick Straight 8 | Redline Update #65

After connecting the valve train last week, Davin sets to work this week getting the lash collection. It's a fairly straight forward procedure when Davin's not stumbling over what shutoff is the exhaust as well as what one is the intake. After that, we placed some oil right into the body as well as just had a small crash in the process. Things are slowly beginning to find together for our Buick, so be sure to remain tuned to see this negative kid up as well as running.

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33 Replies to “Setting valve lash on a Buick Straight 8 | Redline Update #65”

    1. @irritablearchitect how’s the ignition timing? Must be different than a typical V8, don’t know about the crank separation also. Would like to hear something like this running

    2. @irritablearchitect V8s have a “wub-wub-wub” at idle, but Straight 8s don’t – just a steady, smooth idle. Being used to, and liking, the V8 sounds, I was really impressed with the smooth idle of my first Straight 8.

  1. That water pump contraption ! Extra gaskets , sneaker tools and good times to service/maintain when everything else is installed.
    Beautiful motor

  2. What a beautiful engine! In those days you could open the hood of a car with a couple of friends and just look at the engine and talk about it for hours.

    1. My dad talked a lot about the Oldsmobile straight 8 which I assume to be similar or the same as the Buick, he said you couldn’t hear the engine running.

  3. Did the exact same thing last week trying to prime my big block
    Squirted all over me.
    Thanks Davin for makin me feel better LOL

    1. Haha been there too.
      Ya havent built enough engines if that hasn’t happened.
      It tried to pee on him and tell him it was raining 🤣

  4. Oil squirts from engine and gives an embarrassing look. Grabs towel, and wipes motor block before anything else. True mechanic!

  5. I am really enjoying this rebuild, for several reasons:
    * Davin narrates like a normal person (no hype).
    * Straight 8 engine is unusual.
    * Everything is clean, and engine parts are beautifully painted.
    * Top notch camera work & production.
    Kudos on a great video, and I can’t wait to hear this motor pushing a car around!

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