Should the C8 Corvette look more like a Corvette? | Chip Foose Draws a Car – Ep. 23

The C8 Corvette is the awareness of years of mid-engine Corvette principle "teasers" guaranteeing to take America's Sports Car to the next level of performance as well as design. While Chip Foose has blended sensations on the new body design, he appreciates the large leap ahead this generation offers. Yet can he redesign a C8 to have a stronger link to Corvettes of the past?

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29 Replies to “Should the C8 Corvette look more like a Corvette? | Chip Foose Draws a Car – Ep. 23”

  1. Nice job carrying over some of the elements from the previous generation, though it has a sort of generation IV Camaro vibe to it. Make this the new mid-engine Camaro?

  2. *Thank you* ! The C8 is absolutely hideous. The front two-thirds are passable, but it all falls apart horribly in the back. No tension, no elegance, wrong proportions. Voices like mine were silenced in the yank-jerk-fest that was the launch, but gosh, do I loathe that car.

    1. Me too, brother, me too. At least it still has a petrol engine unlike a certain once muscle car which is a soccer mom wagon now.

  3. Real nice. The overall process of the sketching was kinda soothing and therapeutic. The product looks wayy better and shared some of his views about some of the C8s details. Solid👍

  4. Amazing! I wish they had you on chip with the design of the new corvette! Great job man I love it!

  5. I think I like his version better. It’s true that the new car doesnt look like a corvette anymore. Even the taillights look like a camaro. Give it 4 circle taillights, make it useable for tall people and I trade my f-type for it.

  6. I saw one in person a while back. I thought it was a Ferrari from far away. Looks like a Ferrari 458 to me

  7. I was thinking the same thing. Just couldn’t put it into words. GM should’ve gotten you to design the C8.

  8. The change in side glass dramatically changes the look of the car alone to feel more like a Vette. Good work, Chip!

  9. I really enjoy this series. Foose always has an interesting take on what ever car he chooses to design.

  10. Yeah, seems like they started with a clean sheet with no carry over style from previous versions! This one continues the Corvette body evolution. 😎👍🇨🇦

  11. Corvette looks like an NSX now, Mustang is a soccer mom wagon, that’s a dangerous road we’re going

  12. *He’s spot on about the vent, it looks like it was just thrown on there…it just clashes with the flow of the design…I don’t like the GM wheels either…*

  13. Lmao “ever since 1953 its been the…”

    You know they barely sold any for the first few years and the car almost died

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