Small towns harbor the best barn finds | Barn Find Hunter – Ep. 62 (Part 3/4)

It's day 2 of our 700-mile road trip to McPherson, KS, and Tom stops in a village in the process to see what he can collect. Lo and also lay eyes on, Tom strikes gold. Concealed in a dark corner of an old gasoline station lies a 1940's Pontiac Streamliner disguised in webs and also dust. Tune in as Tom reveals you just how unusual this beast is.

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60 Replies to “Small towns harbor the best barn finds | Barn Find Hunter – Ep. 62 (Part 3/4)”

  1. The ’59 Impala is great. I hope he comes to his senses on the 348 vs. LS question. Also, sitting out in a field vs. sitting out in a parking lot isn’t significantly different.

    1. KennyG Hansen That Impala is totally restorable and would be worth it.
      But on the other hand you probably know junk better than most seeing that you like German crap lol

    1. Boringest episode yet. But I dig the ‘48 Poncho. And no, Bonnie & Clyde were clipped 15 years before. This is more of a Charlie Starkweather / Caril Fugate stolen whip.

    1. I would keep the 348 swap the powerglide for a 700r4 or newer trans and discs all around. If it has factory air I would swap in a newer compressor system. Take it back to seafoam green.

    2. You can put in a modern drivetrain for what a 348 costs to rebuild. I wouldn’t sell the motor but I could see shelfing

    3. @Qulin Taylor And quickly see a reduction in real value too. This car with an LS is worth 15 K less than original, and that would far cover the cost of rebuilding all of the original equipment

  2. Man that ol’ Pontiac is what I call ‘heavy metal’…& Is it just me or does Clinton sound just like Willie Nelson!?…thx Hagerty & Tom.

    1. @Taylor Mclaughlin The Gen III Chevy V8 that came out in the 97 Corvette was called the LS1. It was a clean sheet design. Everything after it based on that design is considered part of the LS series, even though they have different RPO codes and slight variations (iron or aluminum block, different displacement, etc.)

    1. I agree, I don’t understand why it wasn’t addressed when they were working on it, doesn’t seem like a difficult fix.

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