SOLD! Multi-million dollar barn finds cross the block | Barn Find Hunter – Ep. 29

You watched Tom Cotter discover them. After that you reached see him assist transfer them. Currently it's time for the barn-find 427 Shelby Cobra as well as Ferrari 275 GTB/2 long-nose alloy sports car to cross the auction block. In this episode of Barn Find Hunter, Tom heads to Florida to go to Gooding & Firm's Amelia Island auction in hopes of experiencing these 2 rare automobiles go with large money. Will they fulfill reserve and find brand-new residences? Do barn locates still have an unique allure on such a phase? Comply with along as we see exactly how the story ends for these extraordinary cars and trucks.

2018 Amelia Island Public auction video copyright and courtesy of Gooding & Company,

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45 Replies to “SOLD! Multi-million dollar barn finds cross the block | Barn Find Hunter – Ep. 29”

  1. Anyone else surprised when they fired up the Ferrari? I figured this was going to be a drag and push sale. Impressive, I wish I had 4 million kicking around.

    1. Yes!! Bet it heled value, how on earth would this hurt the engine as other posted? It hasan oil pump. Id be that dunce that had to drive regularly

    2. @Hagerty wow totally under valued the way they went, guess the owner was motivated…even a $100,000 resto investment would been a no brainer and shot the values through the roof, cobra went for peanuts, the 275 ? well 2.3 million as it sits ain’t bad lol.. in pristine condition, which it will be soon, i don’t even want to think about it, but 5 would not be out of the question, if we find out the car has some real history or was raced, even higher.. 250 Gto just went for 52, 000,000 so even 8 million for this car pristine at the right auction is no fairy tale..

    1. @Tesla Haxz You idiot, Italian cars, really only Fiat, Lancia and Alfa Romeo, went through a bad patch in 70’s and 80’s. thats it. when they used russian steel.
      American cars in the 70’s and 80’s were rather crap too.
      It is easy to claim oh but ford is better when the Ford motor does not push any tec boundaries, just capacity and pushrods….. WOW….
      Ferrari and other italian cars had DOHC in late 40’s early 50’s
      First mass produced V6
      And unlike ford who just wrote a cheque to Cosworth, Ferrari builds its F1 engines in house.

    2. @John Smith sounds like a lot of deflection to me. “Yeah, ferraris are trash, but that’s because they are trying to be innovative” is all I got from your little rant. A car that doesnt run isnt very innovative

    3. @Tesla Haxz that’s because you’re a tank biased idiot.
      ford has had its share of lemons…. The Edsel, pinto, Mustang II, Bronco 2, Explorer roll overs.
      Not to mention that if you are white American…. You are European.
      If Ferrari were heaps of junk, why are they the most expensive collectors cars in the world?
      Omg but they aren’t Amerikdan, that can’t be right

  2. Loved this ‘mini’-series of these two amazing cars. The story at the end was wonderful to hear, as well. It would be really cool if we’d get to see the cars all nicely washed and polished. Hope that episode will come out some day.

  3. Amazing! If I would have only known, I should have been buying Ferrari’s back in the 80’s instead of old Mustangs…

    1. I bought Ferrari and nomad back in 1988. Both in great condition over all and got them at a great price as well… $6.00 for both they look good in the case with the rest of my matchbox collection.😁

    1. You’d be surprised how many go over seas…I was stationed in Japan when I was in the Navy and in the lobby of this high priced hotel in Tokyo was a 69 roadrunner… who’d a thunk..of all places a roadrunner….Dad worked for the contractor company that built the military base in Saudi back in 80..he said he was amazed at 1st to see all the classic collectables being driven or in the court yards of these massive Villa’s

  4. Very nostalgic. Reminds me of the barn find in my great uncle’s garage. A Sears and Roebuck reel lawnmower with a Briggs and Stratton 3HP sitting on top. I could hardly contain myself.

    1. OMG…now that’s a true garage find…. change the plug, oil and filter… Put some fresh gas ( non ethanol of course)..,I bet it will fire up…. good luck with your treasure… If you have kids … You could teach them how it’s used…lol

  5. 4:43 I could of swore that auctioneer jammed that guy in the head with his gavel. OMG so funny to watch over and over again. What was that guy thinking, lucily for the other guy he didn’t have a letter opener in his hand geez.

  6. I believe the owner of these cars had died?….if so, was it ever told who received the money for these cars? I hope the gentleman who discovered them was nicely paid.

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