SPIED: Hemi-Powered Jeep Rubicon 392, SF90 Stradale Review, $250,000 BMW M3 – Daily Driver

Spy professional photographers catch the Hemi-Powered Jeep Rubicon 392 on the street. We drive the Ferrari SF90 Stradale. And someone paid $250,000 for an E30 BMW. Plus, our very own Larry Webster checks out two vehicles from the Concours d'Elegance of America. Host: Tiffany Rock



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23 Replies to “SPIED: Hemi-Powered Jeep Rubicon 392, SF90 Stradale Review, $250,000 BMW M3 – Daily Driver”

  1. Without the Hellcat motor in a 2dr Wrangler, the Bronco is going to CRUSH the new Jeeps. Once the aftermarket catches up with the Bronco it will be amazing, and I am a long time Jeep fan.

    1. The Bronco is going to still crush the wrangler, the hellcat version jeep is going to be well over $60K and likely sell in low numbers.

    2. They are asking 60 k now for the explorer st . The bronco with a performance motor is going to be costly .

  2. Great report, Tiffany. I think the new Bronco is going to give the Jeep some serious competition. It’s got lots of cool features that the Jeep doesn’t have. Keep up the good work

  3. After getting excited every spring to see the Jeep concepts for years and only seeing the ones that appeal to people who should be driving minivans and mid-sized sedans get the green light, I don’t care about what they tease anymore. I am not willing to compete with the 30s soccer parents down the street who are willing to get 8 year financing just to tell themselves they aren’t 30s soccer parents.

  4. Jeep lmao………..Chrysler lmao again. How about making a DEPENDABLE vehicle instead of a “go fast” money pit???

  5. Don’t now where that Hemi powered Jeep was β€œspied” . My friend has owned one for about 2 months now.
    Granted its not a factory install , but none the less its a 392 powered wrangler.

  6. I am laughing with you dear. You have really killed it and taken over this job as your own. If your boss replaces you, they are stupid. You are irreplaceable.

  7. If that jeep had been available 9 months ago hot damn I would have bought one before I decide to dip my fingers into the money pit that is vintage hot rod-ing

    1. If you’re tracing the line of wrangler all the way back through the CJs, which Jeep does (see: “we’ve been around since the second world war!”), then she ain’t wrong.

  8. 0:55 a 5 litre Wrangler in the early 80’s?
    They didn’t even start Wrangler production till 88 or so, neither Chrysler nor Jeep built a 5.0, and the Cherokee only came with a 5.9 or the 401.
    Research person needs to spend more than a minute on Google

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