Starting Brad’s Ford 289 | Sunbeam Tiger engine swap project – Ep. 11

This episode began as a lot of these do– going forwards, after that in reverse, after that discovering a fix to obtain Brad back to where he began. Naturally, the fix is something he should have known about prior to he began. Thankfully, he has a new lucky Tiger King tee shirt to aid him via to the huge reward at the end!

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26 Replies to “Starting Brad’s Ford 289 | Sunbeam Tiger engine swap project – Ep. 11”

  1. You should be wearing a Maxwell Smart Agent 86 tee shirt. Love the car and the build, you are doing a great job.

    1. It doesn’t really. Just needs some timing and minor carb adjusting.
      Refer to when Davin rebuilt the engine: watch?v=tVtrnxx3rTE&t=2s

  2. Ah, the roller coaster ride that is wrenching an old car. Congrats Brad, well done. Next episode, loose the Tiger on the country roads of Maryland.

  3. THAT WAS SO COOL! Congratulations. I think my smile was almost as big as yours. (I had a string of socket extensions that I used too.) :))

  4. The engine sounds great, but a couple of things, when air gets in your brake system you should bleed all four wheels, and when checking fluid levels on a vehicle the vehicle should always be level.

  5. To think I had a chance to buy a mint ’66 Tiger 260 in 1986 for $9,000(I thought the price was outrageous at the time) and today in the same condition, they go for $60,000-$100,000+…SMH

  6. Hello! I can make ignition wires for Your Car! eternal and without resistance, they will provide better combustion of the fuel-air mixture and reduce fuel consumption by 30 %, as well as increase engine thrust!

    1. That`s why there is a Gasket? Not. Every view of the engine shows gunk oozing out of joints. Not pretty.

  7. That is terrible looking brake fluid…. it has water in it, water will rust out the lines.

  8. Stupid teenager story. I was pulling the motor & trans out of my buddy’s rear drive Datsun. He was up top working the hoist while I was under the car, laying on the floor guiding the trans up through. Going great. Then the driveshaft pulls out of the trans yoke, allowing all the 90 weight gear oil to pour out… all over the floor, soaking into my shirt, my hair, and did I mention both my wrists were in casts at the time? One of the casts filled right up with oil. As soon as I saw your plan I had flashbacks.

  9. Love those massive single piston calipers-they will stop a 1.6 liter engine.A hi po 289? Uh, not so sure.
    Maybe we should look into an upgrade with a dual chamber master cylinder.Who was it that said “I don’t build cars to stop.I build them to go!”

  10. Nice work, and congrats! I can totally relate to the speedo cable fiasco. Sometimes it’s hard to think five steps ahead, so you gotta fight some things along the way.

  11. Congrats! Sounds like the timing is a little off, should smooth out with an adjustment. This thing’s gonna rip.

  12. That is not a sound I expected to hear coming from such a dainty looking car!
    Sound like you’ll have your hands full.

  13. Great series Sir, thanks for sharing! I felt like I could smell the gas, exhaust and burning oil and it was awesome!!!

  14. I remember when I firedup my 302 when I first rebuilt it and fit it to the car with my daughters (12 and 9) such a great feeling! Well done!

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