Test drive! Taking the 289-powered Tiger for a spin | Sunbeam Tiger engine swap project – Ep. 12

The time has actually finally come for Brad's 1966 Sunbeam Tiger to get back when traveling. Brad has persevered via 100-degree temps and high moisture in his residence garage to reach this factor, but feeling the included power of the fresh Ford 289 HiPo V8 engine need to make it worth all the work! Get a first-person view of Brad's initial drive (with a properly adjusted clutch pedal!) and also share in his happiness as well as the fruits of his labor.

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35 Replies to “Test drive! Taking the 289-powered Tiger for a spin | Sunbeam Tiger engine swap project – Ep. 12”

    1. @Kyle Alm He’s not talking about it creaking he’s talking about it being a tiny POS that doesn’t have a head big enough to grip anything, and being capable of lifting anything to a worthwhile height, he needs a real jack. That’s a portable jack you toss in your car to swap wheels/tires at the track.

  1. Gawd, does she sound sweet, you are one lucky man to tool around in that, I’m so envious, best of luck.

    1. I have corked this thing up at both ends. The issue is the crossmember, it’s really tough to get bigger pipes through it without cutting it. You know, a set of GT-350 style side pipes would eliminate that issue…

  2. In 1968 I bought a real nice Sunbeam Tiger with a blown engine. Managed to put a 315 cube Olds/Buick engine in it. We estimated about 240-260 horses. What a fun car!!! $900 invested, sold it for $2000. Wish I still had it.

  3. When I was a kid, my neighbor had a Tiger. Even as a kid I knew it was special. Sounds good.

  4. Such a beautiful classic, beautifully re-engineered with love and more than a good helping of expertise. This Tiger sounds so good it almost wants to be someone’s daily drive! Great job guys!

  5. As soon as you turned the key and she fired, I smashed the like button! You built yourself a very nice hot rod!

  6. Better call up agent 99 and head out to defeat Control! Only we old guys will get the reference!

    1. Didn’t Max and 99 work for Control, and want to defeat KAOS? I wouldn’t have remembered, but KAOS came up in a crossword puzzle not too long ago – not that I’m a geezer who does crosswords, or anything.

  7. If I remember right you are running the waterless coolant. They always read a little higher on temp.

  8. Something you might consider is a FLEXaLITE 6 BLADE FAN it did the trick for me the Aluminum Radiator is a plus .

  9. Congrats! I’ve been trying to carve out some time to get my garage project done, and you have shown me there is a light at the end of the garage.

    1. This whole project took this long because I’m juggling a day job and a very busy family. I get it!

    1. Good eye! The V12 in the Century was available in about ’97 and that would be sweet. Mine is a ’92 so it’s got the little 4.0 liter hemi V8. I’ve driven that car all over the country!

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