The $2.7M Aston Martin Victor is perfect, Jeep Wrangle 4XE, Dai Yoshihara – Daily Driver

Aston Martin reveals the stunning one-off Aston Martin Victor, Jeep shows off the hybrid Wrangler 4XE, as well as we evaluate some insane public auctions from recently. And also, a meeting with Formula D's Dai Yoshihara. Host Tiffany Stone.



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29 Replies to “The $2.7M Aston Martin Victor is perfect, Jeep Wrangle 4XE, Dai Yoshihara – Daily Driver”

  1. It looks great but it’s a ten year old car which has had the body modified I wouldn’t pay 2.7m for that

    1. dazzaburger the reason for that mad price for the Victor is that it’s a one off & it was commissioned by a Belgian Aston Martin collector. The whole car is carbon fibre including the carbon tub from the one-77.

    2. Peter McElvogue the car is a one-77 which has been modified I’m not saying it’s a bad car it looks great but I wouldn’t pay that price

  2. who ever bought that 240sx could’ve bought 2 s13 Silvias with less mileage, an sr20, mods, etc. what a sticker

  3. Yay…welcome back, Tiffany. Judging by your voice, you must have had an awesome week. Keep up the good work.

    1. @Yasser Mahfoud just not anywhere near as good. I couldn’t finish the video. Its like comparing the transformers to the gobots

  4. Tiffany 😁😌😇….. Welcome back…. So good to hear that voice again….. And ofcourse the background chorus….. Loved it….. Hope the videos come daily , Thankyou 🙋, once again , an amazing video 🙏✌️

  5. The Jensen is extra rare – the 440 wasn’t the ‘standard’ motor, that was the 383.
    That price is about Half what they were 2 years ago.

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