The Barn Find of Mopars Hidden for Decades: Secret Stash Part 2

I had the opportunity to document an unbelievable collection of rare Mopars (and one Fords), tucked away. A few of them were hidden in an old display room for an auto parts shop. The others at a key, ancient old barn, partly buried deep into a hillside. It was quite the collection of cars! My heart absolutely missed a beat seeing these autos.

You can read about it here.

43 Replies to “The Barn Find of Mopars Hidden for Decades: Secret Stash Part 2”

    1. @Auto Archaeology Yep,friend. Once again a BIG thank you for bringing forth these awesome bard find of antique cars,mostly mopars hahaha. Thumbs Up.

    2. @Auto Archaeology Yep,this is our favorite pass time to antique enthusiasts like you and me. Hahaha,hopefully I can do the same one day… But once again friend: Thank you for this.

  1. great job on the video that pink 340 Cuda I would love to have that car rebuild it and completely restore and give it to a cancer survivor to a woman who has been through a lot in life / again Nice job on the video from little shawn Lincoln for life 2016/2017 !!

    1. Thank you! Happy to hear you enjoy the video. A friend of mine did something very similar with a 70 Challenger R/T that is an original pink car.

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