The crank is in on our Buick Straight 8 | Redline Update

Among the fascinating elements of big projects such as this Buick straight 8 reconstruct is that problems are just momentary; provided the shopping list of smaller sized jobs, there's always some way to make progression. Davin is still conceptualizing solutions for the cylinder head assembly problems that emerged recently, so today he forges ahead by installing a lot of the revolving setting up into the engine block. He starts with mounting cam bearings on his means to getting the camshaft as well as crankshaft in place as well as do with installing the timing chain. A great deal of grease as well as a few hammer impacts finish the job as this engine starts to form.

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42 Replies to “The crank is in on our Buick Straight 8 | Redline Update”

    1. I’m expecting to hear some knocking noises.
      All I have seen all the way through this series is pure hackery.
      There aren’t many competent shops out there anymore, the few that are would never have the camera crew in the shop getting in the way.

  1. I watch other channels showing slick engine assembly but “the master” has that old school touch I could watch all day.
    You da man Davin!!

  2. “Fantastic to have friends” is an understatement. Couldn’t count the number of times mechanic buddies of mine helped me out 😂

  3. Watching a master work and teach with a smile on his face even when things don’t go smoothly. I can’t think of a better way to spend a little time on labor day. Thanks for all the hard work from you and your team. God Bless and be safe

    1. I appreciate listening to Rammstein even though I don’t speak German. It’s ok to appreciate things without knowing the language used within them. 🙂

    1. Sure seems that way! We could spend all day rebuilding small-block Chevys with no issues… but where’s the fun in that? There are a million of those videos already on YouTube!

  4. I love old engine builds… Just think once upon a time engine builds used to be done in every corner shop in town. I grew up with that mentality and I miss it. It brought the community together at least the auto community at least.

  5. you should rename this build “we hit a small snag” lol

    i love that you’re breathing new life into this, these engines are so cool and unique .

    1. We all know that the cam was to tight and the cam is going to gall the bearings in about 45 seconds if not sooner it would be nice if you would address problems like that and show the solution you came up with instead of just skirting the problem and moving on as if everything is OK

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