The crazy story behind Tom’s Ford Woodie wagon | Barn Find Hunter – Ep. 80

For several years Tom's 1939 Ford Woodie wagon has played a pivotal duty in our Barn Find Seeker collection. Yet what you might not know is that it was once lost and afterwards discovered all the way down in Puerto Rico! This episode is a deep study the tale as well as memories of one of Tom's most valued vehicles.

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Tom Wedge literally wrote guide( s) on barn locates, beginning with The Cobra in the Barn. Tom travels The United States and Canada in his 1939 Ford Woodie Wagon, looking for failed to remember classics in barns, backyards, dusty garages, as well as scrapyards and meeting the fascinating characters who open the barn doors for him and inform him their tales.

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33 Replies to “The crazy story behind Tom’s Ford Woodie wagon | Barn Find Hunter – Ep. 80”

  1. I remember stopping on my bike to look at the 49 Mercury in my neighborhood. Hoping that one day I could own and drive a car like that. I think in some way we can all relate to the guy on the phone.

    1. Yeah, I remember lots of neighborhood cars from when I was 10-12. The house on the corner had an MGTD, and a Volvo p1800. Across the street was a brand new 66 GTO. 2 blocks over was a Studebaker Avanti.

    1. Peace Frog I agree. For although he obviously loves all sorts of cars, he has proclaimed himself as a ‘Ford Guy’ on this show a few times. It’s still a sweet ride any way you slice it… just not what I was expecting.

    2. Your probably right Trent but a Windsor would Mate. Here in Australia Streetrods (Fords) are having more and more Ford V8’s put back in them at an alarming rate!!! I’m a 70’s long wheelbase man myself so performance isn’t an issue but you may want to look at the phenomenal power Ford Australia got out of its 4.0 inline 6 cylinder (Barra) up until x3 years ago. Fucking Mad!!!

  2. Love Tom, love the Woodie, love the Show. Have watched every single episode, almost always less than a day or two after it airs on here, if not sooner. It just hits home in authentic way that others do not.

    Stay safe and keep planning/hunting/driving Tom, can’t wait for new episodes!

    1. He must look like chicken on a rotisserie. Cause I would guess that 80% of hot rod fords have a chevy motor.

  3. What an amazing and inspirational story you’re the best of what you’re doing Tom and I love you man, don’t forget Davin in redline rebuilds i never miss a second, thank you all so much and God bless HAGERTY ❤

  4. I watch alot of Barn Find Hunter and I would have never guessed there was an LS under the hood! Keep up the great work!

    1. seriously,,, you think he should tour the country with a flatty? Look how easy to maintain this vette engine is. Parts are every where.

    2. Can’t blame him, the dude’s always driving small displacement VW’s & Porsches, makes sense his OG car has a bit of power behind it.

  5. You had me right up til you lifted the hood…LS?….gotta have a ‘Ford in a Ford’! Thx for sharing Tom & Hagerty.

    1. Yeah me to Chris!!! I am a Ford Fanatic (own x9 70’s Fords) and whilst gm V8’s are great engines just like Chrysler’s it’s just not the same is it??? I love his shows and will continue to watch them but I have been hit with a monster dose of disappointment.

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