The crossover continues as Tom and Davin work on our 1930’s race car | Redline Update

Our Redline Rebuild and also Barn Discover Seeker crossover is progressing. Today Davin as well as Tom set to work tidying up the components we got rid of from Snowball's 1937 Ford coupe. Tom learnt more about the blast cupboard fairly well while Davin dealt with damaging down some persistent part assemblies. Though not one of the most glamourous of jobs cleaning is none-the-less important, and it keeps our project rolling ahead.

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29 Replies to “The crossover continues as Tom and Davin work on our 1930’s race car | Redline Update”

  1. Why didn’t they tape a cheap piece of acetate across the glass of that blaster? that way you just replace a cheap piece of acetate rather than expensive glass? (We used to do this when i worked in an anodising plant as a bead blaster..)

    1. Eastwood makes a film that has adhesive on it for that purpose. i use them on my blaster. you can see around the edge of the glass the adhesive strip, it has one of these sheets on there and it just needs to be changed out.

    2. @mark skaggs Don’t know what the price is like? we just used to get sheets of clear acetate and use cheap brown packing tape to hold it onto the glass and replace as needed.

    3. @johnyfartpants price ain’t great, it’s like $13.99 for 4. sheets on Amazon shipping included but it beats the hell out of a new piece of glass or plexiglass and the time to replace it. the up shot is they are relatively easy to replace peel it off and clean the glass with windex etc. or some denatured alcohol which will remove the old stickum let air dry good and peel and stick.

    4. You can see in the video that their blasting cabinet has the clear acetate protective film, they just aren’t changing it for some reason.

  2. With any justice in the car enthusiast/video watching universe, these two guys will be ruling the YT roost
    in the genre’ in short order. Hagerty, Davin and Tom are all class acts and the production values have
    been there from the get-go, too.
    I only hope, knock wood, that Hagerty doesn’t wind up going the route of Motor Trend in such things.
    Thanks for all you do, guys.
    -Ed on the Ridge

    1. Maybe they can get Nick Panaritis (from the Nick’s Garage channel) on-board, for the 3-way crossover situation!

  3. I subscribed to this channel because of Davin, even though I’m not related to him I’d be proud to call him or Tom family.

    Watching this channel is an amazing thing and I look forward to the content Davin and Tom put out. I’m always stoked to watch these and wish I could jump in and help out with these projects.

    You guys do a great job and make great content so thank you to the hosts and the crew behind them. You all make this happen and at least for me you make my week a little brighter after wrenching on AG equipment to pay the bills. Just wish you were next door so I could pester you to let me help out.

    Again Thanks everyone!!

  4. Wow, two men for me, respectable, and icons of “old school” mechanics … my respects and I am happy to see them together. waiting for the next video. big hug from Neuquén Arg

  5. Oh my, best crossover I could ever imagine. Keep ’em coming. By the way when it comes to media blasting heavily pitted parts I find copper slag based media to be most efficient. Then to give it nice finish I change media to glass beads.

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