The E39 BMW M5 | The Next Big Thing with Magnus Walker

In this new collection, Magnus Walker explores the autos that can be the future standards. In this episode Magnus drives the E39 BMW M5 to find out why this sleeper sedan seems to be attracting so much interest from lovers.

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23 Replies to “The E39 BMW M5 | The Next Big Thing with Magnus Walker”

    1. ive always disliked the modern bmws cuz of how edgy they look but these look great lol

  1. In a few years, manual NA V8 cars will become extraordinarily rare. Get in while you still can

  2. Fantastic. This really encapsulates why the E39 M5 appeals to us 30-somethings as much as it did to those who could afford it in-period.

  3. I remember seeing the m5 video with Clive owen and madonna back in 2003 or 2005. And that made me want one so bad. Over the years I’ve owned Mercedes, Lexus and Porsche but never got an m5. By the time I decided to get one of these, the prices skyrocketed. They are way too expensive now.

  4. I remember when these came out; seemed like nothing could touch them! The proverbial valve-hammer!

  5. I was working at the dealership when these were introduced. They would have me take out prospective customer and “show them what it will do.” Having Carte Blanche like that was wonderful so the first thing I would do would be to turn off the traction control. Yeehaaa! As these cars aged there were a ton of issues with clutch and vanos problems so many were sold needing help instead of getting fixed. Plus, people ran the crap out of them. They have the usual E39 problems like busted plastic seat surrounds and pixelated dash displays plus I always preferred the ones without nav display as they don’t look so dated now. I sold my last BMW (93 M5) last year after 31 years of having one in the driveway. Just don’t care for the new offerings and BMW has made it very expensive to maintain a “classic.” The E39 M5 is a great car if it’s been maintained properly and now is old enough that most of the early problems have already been addressed at some point.

  6. Get yourself either an E39 or manual Chevy SS and hold onto it. You’ll never be able to replace it.

    1. Tedward – Only if one of yours is dying or being held for ransom should you ever consider selling your e39 M5! And that’s after some serious consideration! I sure regret selling mine!

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