“The Foosenberg?” Redesigning a period-correct Duesenberg | Chip Foose Draws a Car – Ep. 8

Watch Chip Foose placed his own spin on a period-correct Duesenberg.

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31 Replies to ““The Foosenberg?” Redesigning a period-correct Duesenberg | Chip Foose Draws a Car – Ep. 8”

    1. I think I remember him saying he was going to keep it a bare chassis. Something about he enjoyed looking at it without a body and seeing all the craftsmanship it took to build it. I also think Jay is more of a connoisseur than a builder. He does modify things but in most cases is usually for practicality reasons.

    2. James Sheets yeap he does modify things like modern safe brakes, and conversions to alternators instead of generators

    3. That was the first thing I thought of. Sales pitch perhaps? Even if it is, it would be cool and a Foose Duesenberg would just add value to his collection.

    1. Hmmm, Chip’s price is high. Not to many can afford his work. However, I would love to see the finished product.

    2. You don’t buy even get a bare chassis or ragged out Doozie for cheap. Add in Chip and the other artists you’d need to do it right and you are into millions. Especially if you wanted a car to compete for something like The Ridler.

  1. Wow! Once again Chip has shown us, not only his skill at imagining, drawing and rendering his ideas to automobiles, but also his love of classic cars and the spot in his heart for automotive beauty. We can only pray that someone out there sees this and says “Hmmmmm….” What a talented soul!

  2. 10:25, reminds me too much of the older MG’s, I think the concept deviates too much from the Duesenberg and drifts into something else…

    1. Ummm Joe, message from Chip… He asked me to tell you, your money is no good… he doesn’t want it…

  3. This car would fit in perfectly into Jay Leno’s garage amazing details by Mr Foose 🔥🔥🔥

  4. Makes me wish I had a Duesenberg chassis down the back shed 🤔 hang on, I’ll just go check…….

  5. The man creates pure art. One day those drawings (framed) will be worth a pretty penny.

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