The GMA T.50’s carbon tub weighs only 220 lbs, 2022 BRZ, BMW M3 CRT – Daily Driver

A European market BMW M3 takes place sale in the U.S., Gordon Murray Automotive shows off its lightweight carbon tub, and also Subaru introduces they won't market the 2022 BRZ in Europe. And Also, Complete Recall Tuesday.


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19 Replies to “The GMA T.50’s carbon tub weighs only 220 lbs, 2022 BRZ, BMW M3 CRT – Daily Driver”

    1. @PiDsMedia None have “swapped to metric”. They use both and will always use both. If your not smart enough to use both maybe you shouldn’t be complaining about one or the other. Above is just metric fanboys echoing what they have read about how much better one is over the other and joining in.

    2. @Yellowdog Welding, Bill suuuuuuure,.. go say that to NASA and its contractors, where the only place Imperial measurements are used, is in the press releases to the ” ‘murican public “.

    3. @PiDsMedia Ever been there? I have. Their infrastructure has imperial all over the place. But you go believing what ever you like.

    4. @PiDsMedia Is the UK still a mish mash of measuring units as it was 10 years ago? You really shouldn’t be tossing around “stones”, your kind of living in a glass house! Haha!

  1. Wait, what… 150 pounds,.. that’s like 70 kilos lighter in the real world, from all that carbon fibre? Kinda shows BMW suck at “Simplify and add Lightness”.

  2. Thanks Tiffany. You keep me smiling thru all the recalls and over-priced cars that cost as much as a small house and that is for the ordinary models, add carbon fiber and add square footage to that house…

  3. I’d no sooner be caught driving a Polestar than I would be dating one, oh wait, I did, her name was “Bambi” and that ended badly!.. 😂

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