The real reason why electric cars are so fast | Know It All with Jason Cammisa | Ep. 01

EVs are the quickest autos when traveling, as well as it's not just in drag races. They're especially quick in the real life, and it's due to how they react.

It's not really the immediate torque of the electric motors that gives the advantage, it's the lack of several gears in their transmissions and the form of an electric motor's power contour.

Automotive reporter Jason Cammisa explains the scientific research behind why even non-performance EVs can beat the quickest autos with traffic.


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30 Replies to “The real reason why electric cars are so fast | Know It All with Jason Cammisa | Ep. 01”

  1. That thumbnail had me doing a double take and then laughing…. I need to spend less time in incognito mode 😉

  2. Also you can very precisely control traction to the ground with an electric motor since it has such torque and fast response.

    1. @RnEvan O I think he is referring to hyphen… but in think he is alright. If Jason gets along with someone, then it’s a good episode. If he doesn’t get along with someone, then it’s a better episode.

    2. @RnEvan O I agree with you. I’ve been watching ISSIMI episodes that hyphen did alone… and they are pretty good.

  3. Power grows old. Sensory experiences like exhaust note, intake sound, shifting gears, etc are forever. Even if the car has 150hp and has an 8 second 0 to 60.

    1. Sport car shouldn’t be replace with EV. But most day to day cars with trashy engine sounds or fake speaker noise should be replace with EV.

    2. 100% electric is better for daily commuting and possibly retrofitted into certain vintage cars that didn’t have the best engine to start with etc, while ICU engines can become an enthusiast thing. Like Jay Leno said, the horse didn’t disappear it just became a different thing for people who care about them.

  4. Another great video. I recently had the chance to drive my friend’s Volt (which was my first time driving and electric vehicle) and any speed below 30mph, it absolutely is the fastest thing on the road (or at least it feels like it). It’s so punch from a stop. Makes my WRX feel super slow…

  5. Was I the only one that thought of the old afx/aurora toy race cars when he talked about the huge power of electric cars?

  6. Ja, wie ruinet his video! Danke, Leute von Porsche! 😂 Well, since we have the Autobahn a 2nd gear makes sense for sure.

  7. a wise Chinese man once said , an electric economy car gets you an economy woman , while an exotic car get you an exotic experience wink wink

  8. Hagerty is coming out swingin! Loving all the great new content! “Know it All” is the perfect name for a series with Cammisa. Just look at those two glorious machines behind him, drool.

  9. Im a simple man. I see a camisa i like comment and subscribe so that carmudgeon can keep making videos.

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