This Mil-Spec F-150 Eats Raptors For Breakfast, GXE Corvette, Audi RS6 Tribute- Daily Driver

The Mil-Spec Ford F-150 is the most significant, baddest pick-up about, Audi celebrates its fast wagons with an unique RS6 Avant, and also the Genovations GXE (an EV based on an electrical Corvette) chases a Lamborghini Huracan EVO. And also, collector cars you can actually pay for. Host Tiffany Rock



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25 Replies to “This Mil-Spec F-150 Eats Raptors For Breakfast, GXE Corvette, Audi RS6 Tribute- Daily Driver”

  1. LT4 corvette!? Oh no, I’d recommend the extremely hard to find ZR1 90s vett… The quad cam MerCruiser engine was a beast!

    1. Dude, the story is about finding collector cars UNDER $15,000. If you think you can find a 4th gen ZR1 for under $15,000 then you’re smoking crack.

    2. @NovaResource
      No… Never said that. I also know that the ZR1 is stupidly highly priced. I never said it was cheap or easy to find. Obviously this particular corvette commands a high price due to it’s rarity and power .
      You can save your insults for someone else. I mentioned that particular vehicle because it was hands down a much more powerful corvette stock for stock. Most people don’t even know about the ZR1, let alone anything about it’s power plant… ✌️

    3. @Bryan Centerfitt Once again, the 4th gen Corvette was brought up while discussing collector cars that can be purchased UNDER $15,000. Mentioning the ZR1 has NOTHING to do with the subject. Stay on topic or don’t comment.

  2. Thanks for the update, Tiffany. Good stuff. That old Audi commercial is really funny. Dog spins out, while Audi doesn’t. Keep up the good work.

  3. I thought it was barn finder when i seen the notification and then realised it was this so I didnt watch it 😃. Please give Tom and barn finder there own channel.

  4. Thank you Tiffany. Are you even old enough to remember the Grey Poupon commercials? LOL You keep me smiling in these days of strife and worry. Thanks again.

  5. The nail biter is, do I keep my ok condition 99 Z71 setup Tahoe or hang on to it? I like the look and simplicity, but it needs something replaced every year. It isn’t worth $2k as a trade in, but if it’s worth $10-20k to someone with the time and money to make it perfect is tempting.

  6. I’m tired of your ‘click bait crap’.Barely 50 seconds of the Raptor beater,and you showed pictures from ads,not an actual review of parts.I’ve watched over a dozen of your vids in a month and it’s useless ‘hope for real info’that you don’t provide.You’re a sad copy of a magazine ad with no information that’s useful.Quit you at 1:48.

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