Tom buffs out a Barn Find and discovers a diamond in the rough | Barn Find Hunter – Ep. 34

Tom Wedge's sojourn to oil country proves worthwhile. With no result in go on, he travels the messy landscape around Midland, Texas, only to come across a fellow barn-find fanatic with a yard full of Ford Galaxies, Fairlanes, and Ranch Wagons. The dry climate suggests several old cars can stick around outdoors with little threat of rusting, as well as while paint and also insides get baked as well as dried out, taking care of those concerns is a cinch compared to a disintegrated structure. Topping everything off, Tom attempts to bring a desert-faded paint work back to life with good old-fashioned elbow grease (and maybe a little help from an electric buffer).

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47 Replies to “Tom buffs out a Barn Find and discovers a diamond in the rough | Barn Find Hunter – Ep. 34”

  1. Definitely one of the best produced shows on YouTube. I was liking the Michigan stuff. That paint proves they don’t make them like they used to!

  2. ahhh… they benefits of real paint before this clear coat garbage was forced onto us.
    When I was a young man, I had my 69 mustang painted fire engine red using dupont Imron… and if I ever have to do a complete repaint again, I will insist on it. I never had to wax that car, only dry it off. That paint was hard as a rock, didn’t scratch, and always looked wet.
    Now, I have to be careful what kind of rag I wash my car with to keep from scratching it to hell

    1. You are correct, that paint you had put on your mustang is used on airplanes. It is MADE to be hard as a rock, scratch resistant, and durable.

    1. What would happen if you started out with some of that waterless carwash stuff kids are trying to hustle you when your getting gas

  3. Gazing at all these old Fords is a real treat. They really had some mean n sexy looking cars in the early sixties. Great styling. Especially those 1960 wagon tail lamp/fins. Thanks.

    1. I saved up for 10 years to buy my 69 camaro ss.
      Just think of every time you stash 5 or 10 bucks here and there it adds up…💯💯

    2. CamboMaka I have a friend who drivers down to new Mexico and used to bring back old Chevy cars and fix them, he once told me he had 11 cars. 2 were 48 Chevy Fleetline’s. What helped he owned his own tow trucks. Two flatbed trucks.

  4. Makes me wish I lived around a desert, every car I find is rusted through and would need 10,000 or more dumped in it

    1. Fuentes that cool old cars are out there? People have become lazy because of the constant availability of new vehicles with more advanced technology. Look at a place like Cuba which has basically been isolated since the 50’s, they have to make things last because something new might be hard to obtain. So if you aren’t lazy and don’t mind learning you can have something ‘cool’ without spending a bunch of money.

    2. I’m not big on US cars but a Galaxy fully loaded for $2,000 makes me a believer. [ I would convert to LPG though ;0) ]

  5. Tom your videos are invaluable to the old car community, and specifically in helping to save classics, as the internet alone has been helping to do for decades now. Your knowledge for the oldies and stirring minds of those particularly younger ones into someday buying a vintage car, is truly honorable.. Keep it up my friend!

    1. 57210 JTRR Hell yeah! 👊🏻 Roadkill and most MT stuff is dead, and Tom’s slowly replacing it. At least for me, he is.

      Please, Hagerty. Don’t let us down! Keep huntin’ ⛽

  6. You are a great benefactor to the old car community, always love watching and hearing about cars I would otherwise know nothing about

    1. Old paint jobs were not that robust. I spent a lot of years as an ASE certified master body and paint tech. I started doing body and paint work back in 1975. The old single stage paints were junk. You would have to wax that fender every week with a cleaner wax to keep it looking that good. The early water born paints from GM were even worse than the lacquer they used before that. I do not miss the old paints they put on cars at all.

    1. Good eye, Edmond. I noticed the unique C-pillar right away and wondered why it didn’t get any attention in the video.

    2. Hagerty I found a 1947 Chevy coupe that I bought the guy lost interest and money so I got it and put some money into it but a little more and it will be done

    3. He was right, that did make for great content. Good episode.
      Now this is a long shot but what was the name of that song/band playing when you buffed that fender out? dying to know! haha. Thanks.

    4. Hagerty
      Very nice videos you make. Thank you!
      I love 50,s and 60, s cars.
      Here in Spain we have the Pegaso Z1 , I don’t know if you have come across one of those in a. Country where you have great cars , but if you find one , could you make a video about it?
      Also I love the Ford F pick up ,
      In my neighbourhood here in London , a motorbike builder has one pristine in cream and red , with shiny fenders and everything.
      Any way, greetings from London .
      Happy hunting! 👍

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