Top Nazi Leader’s Car – Amazing Barn Find

Learn the almost extraordinary story of how a car that as soon as belonged to among Germany's top Nazi leaders was found forgotten and forlorn in a barn in Denmark, and the fascinating tale of its proprietor and also his terrible demise.

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Credit Scores: YouTube Creative Commons; WikiCommons; Google Commons; Mark Felton Productions.
Resources: 'The History of My Mercedes' by Lauritz Lauritzen,; 'Recovering a cars and truck when touched by bad',; The Times of Israel; 'Procedure Anthropoid',

112 Replies to “Top Nazi Leader’s Car – Amazing Barn Find”

  1. I feel like the old places that the Germans have invaded like Denmark have buttloads of old stuff because no one ever searches up there

    1. Agreed! Such amazing research. Thank you Dr. Felton. One real sick SOB of the Nazi party – that will never rest in peace.

  2. Simply amazing. The hit on Heydrich alone is a fascinating story, but his car still exists and shows the bomb damage………….incredible.

    1. its a car with a inhumane history that had to be saved for humanity!
      Such historic artifacts are the only thing left to tell the real story in the future.

    2. @cptcrogge The irony is these are incredible good cars i once was lucky to be a passenger in an also rare civilian (compressor version ) of one these cars in a classic car meeting.
      The military (specials) are derivited from these civilian ones.
      You must agree that the only good things the Nazi’s had was style.

  3. Surely Mercedes would like us all all to believe they have no records as to who the car was built for. I’m guessing all records from that time period somehow disappeared

    1. In the Nat Geo web site Curious Stream, there is a documentary about the rebuilding of a frame that was found in a warehouse ( Mercedes-Benz 540K). Mercedes made it clear that they were able to trace this vehicle through their incredible records dept. that has every model ever built by them.

    2. The bombs should have been dropped— as for Boeing not knowing what the plane would be used for— that this knowledge would have provoked—- some demands of prevention by Boeing or her workers—IS UTTER NONSENSE— our current unrealistic notions about death struggles between nations shows that we lack an understanding of how Japan’s sneak attack

    1. My father served in Patton’s Third Army in WW2. A few years ago a sister asked for his service file. It arrived, partially burnt, with a letter stating that because of a fire in the personnel records center, some items might be missing. When I checked, there indeed was a fire in the center.
      Google the fire. It is and isn’t believable that the US government was so incompetent. No sprinklers in the building. No fire/smoke detection system and bureaucrats stood in the way of firefighters. It took days to put out the fire. So, I can buy that the Mercedes record center was probably leveled in the war.

    2. @Will Powers Yeah. We are known for that. We are also known for being notorious efficient. Just think what two young boys with a lighter and an address can do. There are 34 cars of this model. The factory where it was built was destroyed. The chance of some records surviving the war under these condition are astronomically slim.

  4. Astounding and very creepy. I was aware of the assassination (nearly totally botched) of Heydrich as it was mentioned in William Stephenson’s “A man named Intrepid”. ON a personal note, my mothers father and family come from a small village just in the suburbs of Prague and I can only imagine that relatives both close and distant might have felt the brunt of the revenge attacks of the SS against Czech villages. Heydrich is certainly one of the most evil of all human creatures. That someone unknown dug up his grave recently, which I had seen in the news, is both disturbing and puzzling. Why now?
    Your story is remarkable.

    1. If your relatives had taken up arms and attacked uniforme soldiers,under the rules of war they are terrorist,and they can be summarily executed,If non combatants attack soldiers,they’re called terrorists,not freedom fighters.

    2. This is pure nonsense. As a Czech you are in NO position to call ANYONE evil. What your people, ALL OF THEM didf after May 1945 is so horrible, it makes one vomit to just read about it. As far as Heydrich was concerned, he was a damn sight less evil than any of your allied ¨heroes¨, I guarantee it. As far the SS goes, their reprisal was against ONE village of less than 300 people and excluded all women and children. When considering that American ¨heroes¨ shot deliberately at german medics on the battlefield, bombed hospítals and incinerated entire undefended cities the SS looks like choir boys.

    3. Heydrich had a method of sugar and whip ….He paid good to workers making weapons ,but was very tough on underground patriotic movement…After his assasination ,revenge was bloody …more than 6000 died ,shot ,hanged ,sent to Mathausen concetration camp ….well ,he was an evil …Czech government in London decided for the OPERATION ANTHROPOID ,so allies recognize Czechoslovakian efforts in the war against Nazis

    1. Hi. According to historians 2 German officers escaped in the Mercedes from Germany in 1945 to surrender to allied forces in Denmark instead of being captured by the russians. In 1946 the car was sold in an auction in Denmark and has ever since been owned by different Danish citizens without nowing it was Heydrichs old staff car. After a restauration period that took around 10 years from 1980-1990 by a new Danish owner, who had purchased it in Skælskør (Denmark) in 1980, where it had been left in a barn for years, he later on discovered the truth about his car by thorough examination. In 2018 it has come on display in Egholm Museum just north of Roskilde, Denmark. You can google Egholm Museum and go check the car out yourself!

    2. @Yellow Bird OK, but which German officers, in what service? Why Denmark? How did they get hold of the car? What happened to it after Heydrich’s assassination?

    1. @Nick Eldridge Reconcile these two statements, both of which are yours:
      1) “As I said in another reply … it does not benefit us to judge the actions of our forefathers when we go back through hundreds of years of history to times when standards of ‘decency’, ‘cruelty’, ‘right and wrong’ were so different to today … we can’t re-write history … it’s happened and we just have to learn from it and try to improve.”

      2) “The details of the barbaric and horrific actions of the Germans against the Czechs described in the video should make us glad that we have left the EU. NATO will ensure that Germany is never allowed to re-arm to a dangerous degree and it should never be forgotten that ‘the leopard doesn’t change it’s spots’.”

    2. Mercedes Benz at Mannheim was completely occupied by American military members, by March 23 1945. It’s more likely they don’t actually have any records of the cars built for the highest ranking NAZI’s, because that’s the sort of thing American service members could easily take home as “war prizes”. Records of the cars made for high ranking NAZI’s would have collectable value, even back then.

  5. Here i am about 645 am in Australia, about to go for a fishing session when the bell on my ipad tells me its felton time. Amazing thing about it is truly having 2 of these rare cars already being found. Mark how much did the restorer get for the real Reinhardt hyendrichs car ? Anyway, imoff fishing to the tune of dun, dun, dun, da da da…….

    1. @Darren Kastl Saw a guy ready to go fishing today. Didn’t want to spoil his fun, Last day of Jan. is the last legal day to fish in Pa till opening day. Hope he didn’t get caught!?!

    1. Alalu Explorer pretty sure the undoing of the nazis was the entire planet fighting against them and the lost the war by lack of men and materials on top of hitler armchair quarterbacking his generals and military production.

      No country can be expected to be the victor when the entire planet is against them, but they sure gave the world a run for its money for several years.

    2. @56squadron Heidrich only went to the front to get the Iron Cross.
      He was on a not too dangerous reconnaissance mission, but he still managed to be hit.

      Before the war, when he was fired from the navy for a story with a woman, he was not proud in military court…

    1. His refusal of immediate surgery from Czech surgeons helped the sepsis spread. He flew in a german surgeon. The delay helped greatly. His racist attitude was the final bullet that felled him.

    1. @Bretton Ferguson The large German companies were making a killing (sorry, I can’t help myself) selling engines and other weaponry for the war effort. Gift a flash car or two (or more…) to please the Nazi hierarchy and maybe win another juicy contract? Corruption, schmuption….. Sorry, can’t help myself with these bad jokes

    2. @Bretton Ferguson
      Mercedes in WW2 was part of the Nazi socialist Autarky economy. It was a controlled system were all companies were owned by the people.

    3. @bighand69 They weren’t owned by the people.For instance,Mercedes,built by Daimler-Benz AG(Actien-Gesellschaft) didn’t become Daimler-Benz VEB(VolksEigenerBetrieb)like in the GDR.The 3.Reich was not a communist state.The economy was only controlled by the State ; not owned by it .
      It was one of the very main objectives of national – socialism : to find a path between capitalism and communism.

    4. Anyone with any amount of knowledge of the cabablieties of people to eliminate documents when the enemy is closing in combined with the fact that the factory in Mannheim was completely destroyed.
      If there were only 34 produced, that even increases the chances of the paperwork not making it through the bombings and house to house warfare.

    1. From one side, I salute their bravery. However, could not they predict that Germans would retaliate, and the cost would be ultimate – like thousands of innocent civilians?

    2. I do not understand this. Why would you need soccer ball for an assassination. Surely the goal is to put one in his head not demonstrate dribbling skills.

  6. So they destroyed a 320 to make it look like it was more important, meanwhile the actual 320 was restored to mint condition. Ooookay

  7. One correction. Heydrich’s assassins were not killed; they took their own lives after a gunfight in the church, saving their last bullets for themselves.

    1. @William there are thwo movie made about Operation Anthropoid !!!
      they killed them self in the orthodox Church in Prague

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