Turner’s Auto Wrecking | Barn Find Hunter – Ep. 3

In the latest episode of our "Barn Discover Hunter" series, Tom invests the day at Turner's Vehicle Wrecking in Fresno, Calif., where he's provided unlimited freedom to discover the 70-acre building's barns, sheds and hangars and also finds classic '60s muscular tissue sedans and also wagons, an ideal '34 Ford, The Golden State '57 Chevy and also a 1910 Flanders.

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55 Replies to “Turner’s Auto Wrecking | Barn Find Hunter – Ep. 3”

  1. I hate this show. Not because it’s bad, but because I don’t have enough money to buy and restore a lot of these cars. Lmao!

    1. I agree on that Especially since nowadays everybody wants so damn much for a car because of all the TV shows that are out there nowadays this guy actually asked reasonable prices for some of his cars I bet he’d sell that Bel Air for dirt cheap to have a nice car to drive

    2. Same here… the 1st car I had was a 1956 2door sedan I bought for $50.from a junk yard it was in very good shape but No drivetrain in it & i restored it, had it for 6-7years then sold it.. I regret ever selling it. Wish I still had it today. It was a beautiful car & with plenty of room…

    3. Jay Ramirez $300 in today’s money isn’t $300 in the same respect as it was back then! If it was then these cars, while some actually are, would be the best investment one could ever make!!!!! Again, some were or actually are!!! Having the foresight to know what these cars would be worth in the future when they were purchased new would be better than having the almanac in the movie Back to the Future!!!

  2. Jerry turners yard is one of the coolest yards I ever been to . Been going to his place for over 10 years . I don’t think he will ever sell that 57 hardtop it was his sons .

  3. my only problem with this video is that it’s way to short. i dont have youtube A.D.D and would enjoy more footage

    1. This is my hometown. 1920 to current is true. They’re on the old highway 99 when it was called golden state. Now golden state is a road and the new highway is about a stones throw away from that. And if you follow the 99 long enough it turns back into country roads rather than freeway. Go a little further north and we have buildings in our downtown district that have been decaying since the thirties or so. Look for Fulton mall Fresno CA, and hotel fresno. Even golden state Blvd on Google and you’ll see.

    2. @GooglFascists Sadly that’s the case for a lot of old guys who gathered lots of cars; they don’t know how common they are now that we have the internet. “No lowballers, I know what I have.”

    1. In that condition if it is complete it is worth 3-5K. Restored they are only worth around 25-35K though… 🙁

    2. He might be selling it low because he wants his cars to out on the road. Seems like a cool guy with cheap prices. Not like all the other asswholes with crazy high prices or wont sell because of greed

    1. That 65 ford is a sleeper in the making. My dad had the same car 3on the tree, Holly 650 and a high spd rear end. Dad smoked a 383 Plymouth with it. If I had the mony and knew it was still there i’d be making a road trip

    2. I had an identical 57 Chevy car west coast car in the 1980’s. The 1 piece front bumper is the way to go! The color of the 57 Chevy Sierra gold.

    3. I had a similar 57 Chevy with the “turbo glide” transmission and found out the engine was not a 283 but instead a 265 cu inch v8.

    1. Joe Diemer I stress-out when he SLAMS the doors on the cars after he looks at them. He’s seems kinda HEAVY HANDED.

    2. Ockie Ditchbank closing car doors by putting pressure on the glass will throw the window off track and will either stop the winding from rolling up & down or fall off into the panel.

    3. @Tommie Reid I’d rather have a half shut on a door than a big slam that still didn’t make the grade. Working up to the pressure to close the door is important.

  4. Jerry turner sold me a 1965 ss impala with a big block walnut chevy stock steering wheel complete car for $1000.00 cheap price ,good place to buy old cars an parts….. real talk …

  5. He left me .. hanging..I wanted to know about the belair 57 Chevy he didn’t even asked about it ⁉️ 👽

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