Two brothers inherit a lifetime collection, see what they have! | Barn Find Hunter – Ep. 69

Hunting for old Cars is everything about connections, discovering people that understand people that can offer you any kind of lead they can think of. In this case, Tom heads to an acquainted part of North Carolina where he has actually pursued previously, he connected to a previous visitor of "Barn Find Seeker" and he informs Tom regarding two brothers that have a diverse collection of cars that were delegated them by their Daddy. It turned out to be a fantastic lead!

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69 Replies to “Two brothers inherit a lifetime collection, see what they have! | Barn Find Hunter – Ep. 69”

    1. @Bluehopi Waltz Loved the “clam nose” Thunderbird, aggressive stance, plenty of power, fast back body, skirts, “owl eye” tail lights……..

    2. my favorite generation of T-bird. the ‘poor man’s Lincoln – built alongside the Continentals at the Wixom plant. if you wanted a two-door Lincoln at the time, this was the way to go!

    1. yeah! but i like how he’s not afraid to take a dumb guess, like being pretty far off on that T-bird, right after saying he’s a Ford guy. i like how these older guys are really interested in the details, but don’t freak out about missing the mark sometimes.

    1. The aim is to sell it to an enthusiast not just to get rid of it.

      These brothers obviously care who owns these and separate the enthusiast (who will car for them) and the hobbyist (who won’t care long term for the car) by the price.

      Selling it to anyone that want it to make money or novelty will just hack it, use it for a short period, abuse it, neglect it or junk it.

      Enthusiast are few and far between but tend to pay more than the average since it MEANS something to them. Either sentimental or was forever looking for one.

    2. Jeffry Blackmon It’s very nice to know someone did it right. When my dad passed away, we donated a lot to the local thrift shop. Most of the furniture, which was respectable stuff, was given away to local people who really needed it. The only thing I wanted was my dad’s S-K socket set from the 1920s. It had been my grandfather’s. My brother in law took it without saying anything. My sister has no idea.

  1. love it when guys look at a rusting beauty of a car sunk in mud “is it for sale” “nope I got big plans for that one” yeah right, 30 years later still in the mud ruined.

    1. lmao, what does it matter? its only tin. and would you rather taking it from someone so that someone now has nothing? nothing to talk about , nothing to say to himself, that he has something and not nothing. geez, why people cant live and let live.

    2. @Lion Bear Thanks Lion Bear for this perspective on these so-called “hoarders”. This is what is called understanding in the truest sense.

    3. allen schmitz yep, a fish doesn’t nibble on an unbaited hook. This scrap, sunk into the mud up to the axles is not bait.

    1. If it was a 87 gnx then 20 grand would be good but just a regular grand national with highish miles… 5 to 7 grand in it’s condition.

  2. When a car is priced right you don’t have to explain anything. Uh I want $20,000 but it needs some tweaking. Those cars and trucks will stay there forever

    1. yeah the thunderchicken caught my eye,breathtaking car,sitting on dirt will kill them,damn,i’ve got what I want,raced Chrysler 6s and not a one on the place,they must have already sold

  3. Depressing seeing all these cars rotting into the ground.
    The prices he wants pretty much guarantees they aren’t going anywhere.

    1. @Scott Bott I almost had a dodge wayfarer at one point, in the UK. Guy wanted too much, I said £1250 he wanted £1600
      I went upto £1400 still wouldn’t budge…
      Now he lost out big time because he sold the car to a smart smuck who’s using it for wedding hire…

    2. Never argue with a man’s price but when a car guy like Tom says @11:41 “This was once a magnificent car” that means the rust is worth more than the car.

    1. so , dont by anything from him, and what do you care what he is asking???? and what does that tell you ???? come on smart guy

    1. Highly Skeptical
      Yea “But” on everything all the paint will buff out like new and all the engines have been rebuilt and run like they did new. Gaaaa

  4. “Does it run?” “Oh ya.” “Just needs at set of points, clean the fuel system, rebuild the carb, and replace two pistons.” “She will purr a like kitten again.” lol

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