Uncovering $1,000,000 Barn Find | Barn Find Hunter – Ep. 16

Just an additional day on the road for Barn Find Hunter Tom Cotter, discovering million-dollar jobs. They just made 85 of these, and it requires a complete repair yet it feels like the majority of the parts are there. Can you presume what it is?

In a nearby store, Wedge uncovers a '41 Lincoln Continental, geared up with a Flathead V-12, and also a 1950 Plymouth Suburban two-door, both The golden state survivors. Speaking with Shelby, the owner, Cotter finds out of Dwayne Bower who explains himself as a guy that "does not gather vehicles, but has never marketed one." And he isn't interested in marketing his '57 Cadillac Eldorado Biarritz, Jaguar XK120, 1974 Plymouth Roadrunner GTX, the tow vehicle included in The Destiny of the Furious (also known as Fast and the Furious 8), or any kind of various other cars now, either.

Cotter arrived in SoCal on a customer's pointer about the million-dollar find without having any type of plans. It demonstrates how much you can find simply by chatting and listening to residents' suggestions.

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54 Replies to “Uncovering $1,000,000 Barn Find | Barn Find Hunter – Ep. 16”

    1. old man this is what I miss about history channel right at the time of Pawn Starz premiering it had actual history then the whole channel became a reality show with alien documentaries.

      Thank God for this YT channel.


  1. Absolutely awesome! If you need a roadie, I’m in!!!! Just don’t tell my wife and kids.

  2. Boy Tom, you passed over many great cars in this episode. Sure do wish the time could be taken to show us more of them. This video could have been an hour or more. Please – it’s seems like you are baiting us. Show a little bit and on to other stuff. More, more, more!    Chuck in Kansas

    1. My guess is the blame is with Hagerty. Tom seems like he could spend hours talking cars. There seems to be a concensus of viewers to make these videos longer.

  3. The body shop next door to my shop is bidding on restoring an undocumented Yenko. I am hoping they get this car.

  4. Wow… what a story. I am so glad for Youtube. Twenty years ago we would never have the opportunity to go on this exploration with you. Thank you for the eye opener.

  5. The episodes are too damn short! Surely enough footage is recorded to make episodes that are at least 30 minutes long? It’s not like YouTube charges by the minute for uploads. Always enjoyable viewing, regardless of duration!

  6. In the garage since 1972? Now I don’t feel so bad about not getting my projects done.

  7. Tom Cotter, what’s the sense in having all thse beautiful auto’s sitting, getting older & older & nobody getting the pleasure of restoring them & enjoying them …!!!!!


    1. +Vic
      They are exposed to rain, weather and wind you fool, why do you think proper collectors put cars in larger installations that are covered with indoor heating??

    2. Alot of these cars are destined to go to the crusher and gone forever. These people are saints, saving cars for future builds.

    1. I know what you mean the worst thing to do to a car storing it on top of moist earth it will rot those floor boards out in no time and uncovered also.

    2. Most of the cars you showed us were rotting, it would take over $70,000 per car to restore them my dad bought a beautiful 27 Rolls for $1 and I spent over $60,000 restoring a totally original car so one I see people throw a tablecloth over a car and tell you it was running last week I have to laugh. Most of these Hoarders want retail prices for their unrestored cars.

    3. They’ve got all these cars but let’s see more of them in different stages of restoration.
      Love to see more exotic foreign autos that we don’t see much of in the U.S.A..

  9. I love irony in how these people treat these classic cars like shelves, yet want to sell them for outrageous prices because they are so “rare”.

    1. That’s because your shopping with a price YOU want to pay. I don’t want classic cars I want what the gentleman had in this video just alot more stuff And dust

  10. I love how all these guys show their collections of junkers and talk restoration yet can’t point to a single car they restored.

    1. Go to 13:10, don’t let facts get in the way of your opinion. Some of his cars have obviously been restored. They are way too nice not to have been

  11. how sad someone would cram a car like that into a garage with all of that crap.

  12. Carl’s has it sitting in his garage for 45 years at the time of this episode but he’s going to restore it. Really? When will that be. ?

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