Valve installation on our Buick Straight 8 | Redline Update

With pistons still the major worry for the Buick Straight 8 engine rebuild, Davin rotates to the head as well as valves to attempt and continue to make development on the job. With the correct intake valves currently in hand, Davin is able to make fast work of the shutoff installation which leaves time for a little adventure in our 1950 Chevy half-ton pickup … a little drive to go get our various other eco-friendly truck, the 1946 Ford vehicle we developed back in 2015 at the Hershey Swap Meet. Why? Well, there's a T5 guidebook transmission from a Chevy S10 resting on our garage flooring that needs a residence! The jobs never finish!
Enjoy the Ford Flathead V-8 Redline Rebuild here:
See us build the truck from swap meet components at Hershey in 2015:

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27 Replies to “Valve installation on our Buick Straight 8 | Redline Update”

  1. You guys have some of the best royalty free music on Youtube. Can’t wait to hear this engine come to life! S8’s are so underrated.

    1. I was a little surprised the first time I heard one.
      I was expecting a totally different sound , but to me it sounded pretty close to a typical average v8 ,and that was more of a surprise than a letdown.
      Of course that’s gotta be 20+yrs ago I heard one at a car show

  2. That buick straight 8 has to get on a dyno, so many improvents and work has to be tested to see the performance improvement. Love the vids!

  3. I kind of like the “tall steps” of a 3 speed, it fits the character of the engine.
    A fitting compromise would’ve been a 4-speed and a taller final gear instead.
    In my opinion of course…..

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