Vintage SCCA Race Car with Don Yenko Connection | Barn Find Hunter – Ep. 19

Tom Cotter's relentless look for forgotten vintage cars proceeds in the northeastern U.S., where the lovely barns of Vermont and New Hampshire offer a couple of shocks. He starts with a 1936 Ford Pickup hauling a classic wood rate watercraft before proceeding to a nicely-aged 1935 Ford Phaeton. Then he comes across a true New England classic, a Ford Design A snow sled. Later on, Tom as well as his 1939 Ford Woodie Wagon find a pleasant Vermont female, that reveals a 1967 Plymouth Barracuda convertible that has been in her family for thirty years. To complete this episode, Tom discovers a gorgeous, unrestored Sunbeam Alpine with a well-documented SCCA racing history, which includes a close experience with famous race car chauffeur Don Yenko.

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45 Replies to “Vintage SCCA Race Car with Don Yenko Connection | Barn Find Hunter – Ep. 19”

  1. Always a great video. Is there a video about your woodie? I like to know more about it, where you got it & what you did to restore it. Real nice driver.

    1. Honestly the only reason I checked the comments…because I knew I couldn’t have been the only person that thought she was hot!!! Lol

  2. Not to state the obvious, but the production values in this video series are so good (and not obvious) that they make other car videos on You Tube look weak. Thanks for posting this great series.

    1. So very true William. During and after every episode, my envy to be Tom Cotter increases. What a tough job he has. The locations are gorgeous and the people are very engaging. Ahh – to have his job!    Chuck in Kansas

    1. Hugh-John, I grew up in Massachusetts, Upstate New York, and Pennsylvania, and spent some time in Vermont in the winter,….with a touring Rock band.

  3. She started the engine and put the top down, I was kind of disappointed we didn’t get to go for a short ride in the drop top Barracuda…

  4. Where’s my 4 speed Ford wagon, always when u do a video and it’s not there, reassure me it’s ok, and resting, Baracuda was awesome, Sunbeam has great history

  5. I’ll say it again. Why is this not on tv right there along with Chasing Classics?? Btw. Another great video and great stories about the cars.

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