What if Carroll Shelby designed the Fox-body Mustang? | Chip Foose Draws A Car – Ep. 19

The Fox-body Mustang remained in production from 1979 to 1993, which was an innovative period in vehicle history. By 1987 the 5.0 liter Mustang gained from things considered provided currently: consecutive multi-port fuel injection, discharges regulates that allowed excellent performance, and aerodynamic flush place fronts lights for lower drag and also better performance. It was offered as a convertible, hatchback as well as the cheaper, lighter and stiffer notchback coupe. The notchback is currently one of the most prominent and also preferable versions, so let's see exactly how it takes the subtle tweaks from Chip Foose's pen.

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27 Replies to “What if Carroll Shelby designed the Fox-body Mustang? | Chip Foose Draws A Car – Ep. 19”

  1. Dated design… It’s the AK-47 of mustangs chip. Go try to find one cheap now. Even junks expensive

    1. Idk where you guys are from but where I’m located fox bodies with rotted strut towers and frame rails run RAMPED

  2. It’s fascinating that he sketched this out with a pen so inexpensive and that many complain that they suck

  3. What an awesome redo on the Fox-body! I would love to have one that looks like that!! Slightly darker blue but the overall design for sure!!

  4. That drawing has an uncanny resemblance to my ’90 Fox Notchback, color and all. It is amazing how similar this looks to it, lowered, front air dam, ground effects all around .

    The wing on the rear deck is larger than the one Chip drew, providing much needed downforce over the rear of a vehicle with a notorious front-weight bias that is currently set up as a bracket car.

  5. I like it but the drawing looks too tall & plump.
    I’ve owned my rare 93 Reef Blue Metallic coupe, one of 1177 in thos color, for 26 uears.

  6. Really nailed this one, I love the fox body… Anywhere I can download a good quality picture of the drawing?

  7. Love these episodes..would love to have a Foose concept done of my BMW E36 Touring signed to hang in my home..

  8. I don’t like the Foxbody, not “real” Mustang feel to it… But you make it look GOOD! Almost Skyline-y?… Very nice 👍🏻

  9. The car that brought musle cars back from the dead .
    Really it’s perfect as it is . It’s so ugly that it beautiful.
    I’m not much of coupe guy but I’ll take one over nothing

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