Why The $3 Million T.50 Supercar Is Worth it, New Zagato Coupe, CEO Shakeup – Daily Driver

Famous coachbuilder Zagato has a brand-new sports car to buy, Ford gets a brand-new Chief Executive Officer, and also Gordon Murray Automotive lastly reveals their T. 50 supercar. And also, Hagerty's own Jason Cammisa and Business Expert's Kristen Lee talk about why the $3 million T. 50 is a worth successor to the McLaren F1. Host: Tiffany Rock



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34 Replies to “Why The $3 Million T.50 Supercar Is Worth it, New Zagato Coupe, CEO Shakeup – Daily Driver”

  1. Someone tell FORD. If they stop making small cars then most new drivers will end up starting with a foreign car, Probably a KIA and then end up a life long foreign car buyer. Ford needs a Fiesta or Focus as entry vehicles not little 20K plus SUV’S. Henry Ford turning over in his grave.

    1. The Fiesta and Focus had the Powershift transmission. It was so bad, owners had to have them rebuilt every 10k miles just to keep the car safe. When they started failing, it wasn’t just slipping, the car would lose power and go into limp home mode. There was a class action lawsuit, Ford had to buy back and crush cars, it got ugly. It was worldwide too. In Australia, Ford had to formally apologize for engineering something that bad. Their transmission supplier went bankrupt. I think Ford discontinuing them was probably a good thing.

    1. Just the fact that the head designer has essentially said that this car is designed for driver enjoyment above performance metrics/track performance already puts the T50 in a class of one.

    1. Me 2. but not to buy this car. more useful things like a modest house, furnishing it, a couple of cars of 50 to 200 thousand each at the most and investing the rest so I never have to work the rest of my life.

    2. @Renato Medeiros for me, I don’t need a house, no luxury, no easy life, I just want that car, I can sleep in the car and work hard to earn money to buy fuel and go for travelling in this car because the experience which I will get in this car will be 10 of millions of dollars

  2. McLaren build a new super car and it will spend 4 months out of 18 in the dealer sorting out poor build quality from the production line .

  3. If Farley brings back the FiestaST and Focus ST sold over in europe, like VW is going to do with the MK8 GTI, I will be a fan of him.

  4. Cammisa!!!! Glad to see him again. I loved watching him on his stint at Issimi, and of course the Motor Trend days. Keep content with him coming.

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