Working on our Buick Straight 8 again | Redline Update

It's been a while because we made any type of progression on our Buick Straight 8, however we found a shed episode of Davin seeing Thirlby's prior to the quarantine. Mark goes through the process of cleaning up our head as Davin reveals us how to measure for compression in the head. Ideally, we can start servicing our Buick once more quickly.

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31 Replies to “Working on our Buick Straight 8 again | Redline Update”

  1. Really good Davin… The way you explain this is awesome and I really do understand the relationship between combustion head volume and compression ratio. Thanks again.

  2. Davin, what a great job of explaining CC’s and the correct way to determine exactly how many CC’s comprise the combustion chamber and it”s relationship to overall compression. That valve really shocked me too… Now thats what I call machining, expertly done my boy!!! “Make em flow, make em go” … THIS CHANNEL ROCKS!!!

    1. @UGA Dawgman first I ever had seen was a valve like that. I mean I have seen a few that were concave in the middle but the value off that Buick was pretty pronounced and it was like 1- 1/2 cc’s too, which surprised me. This Guy Davin is the man. I love these videos.

  3. Why is Davin always talking about his relatives!? The pistons and valves and seats and stems are one big happy family at Hagerty and Thirlby’s….

  4. No one else on YT builds such obscure engines with so much attention to detail. The valve science segment was really informative!

  5. This man is a genius and would be an excellent teacher thank you for taking the time to explain everything

  6. Were all the valves cupped the same way. I’ve seen valves cup deeply from heavy valve spring tension a high lift cam.

  7. I’ve been looking forward to seeing more progress on this motor since the first clip. Glad to see the job is in good hands and I can hardly wait to hear it purr.

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