You need to TRASH these barn cars!!! – Forza Horizon 4

Are you offering Barn Discover vehicles on public auction? You are losing cash!!! You need to trash them instead … here's why … The two barn cars and trucks that this relates to are the MG MGB and also the Victory Spitfire '62. Both of these cars have money back perks, the MG provides you 300,000 cr and also the Triumph provides your 200,000 cr BUT they both sell for nearly nothing on auction.

So … getting them on public auction is a fantastic idea! But they are just worth anything to you if the person offering the vehicle hasn't already had the cash money back bonus, if they've taken it, you can't have it!

If it is still available, when you've had the cash bonus, you may be tempted to offer the cars and truck on public auction … however don't! You can only market 10 cars and trucks per day and also these cars cost peanuts!!! Instead, sell the 2012 Aventador!!!

You can the Aventador for 310,000 cr from the showroom (so you are guaranteed to still obtain the abilities!) as well as they offer you a cash money rear of 200,000 cr plus 2 spins. You can easily market them on auction for 300,000 cr so you are 2 spins and regarding 180,000 cr up! (public auction charges take some of your revenue).

As you can only market 10 automobiles a day it makes way more sense to offer 10 Aventadors as well as get 3,000,000 cr than it does to sell the MGB or the Spitfire for nothing.

Likewise … we are all purchasing MGBs and also Spitfires just for the credits! So if we all stop marketing them after that theres a good chance that any kind of that get on public auction will still have the credit score rewards undamaged:-RRB- So we are all better off:-RRB-.

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    1. kevin smith Haha lucky i just sold my ps4 before xmas and got FH4, never played 3 so i dont get bored easy but the map sucks

    1. Lol my sister whenever she plays is like “ why is this car so terrible!? I’m not even steering and it’s doing donuts!

  1. Wow nice spins. I get 90%+ useless emotes and stuff, even 3 at a time on supers 🙁 haven’t been able to play much yet, only just unlocked multi-player so I’m tight on money. Every emote I get feels like such a waste.

    1. Horns and dance moves and clothing
      Just Fucking why Forza?? Then you don’t offer the car points you could buy in 3
      And then the GREATEST issue of all….. No Supra….

  2. The year is 2019.

    All Aston Martin zagato and Metro barn finds have been consumed of their cashback perks and deleted from their garages by careless players.

    They wait in anticipation for new players who bought the game, waiting for them to sacrifice their barn finds to the auction house.

  3. You and others are the reasons I no longer use the Auction house. I am not going to buy any more cars from the Auction house until PG shows an option that the perks have not been unlocked.

    1. Agree, I don’t think it’s fair to put something up for auction with the credits used. Truth be told you’re better buying from the AutoShow then just using the car to gain skill points.

    2. People should only use the Auction house if they need a specific car and aren’t bothered if the perks are used. I’ve seen some really sneaky people upgrade a car, use all the perks then take all the upgrades & paint off the car prior to selling it. So the person thinks their getting a bog standard unused car. If I’ve used a car and decide to sell it at Auction I always set a really low Buy Out. I sold a perks used Jag F Type R   for 11,000 buy out. Simply because I had used all the perks and I wasn’t using the car and had got the F Type Project 7 as well and it’s faster. I got it in a wheelspin so it cost me nothing as I didn’t upgrade it. That’s the honest way to do this, so someone got an F Type jag for 80,000 credits less than the Autoshow but can’t use the Perks. If nothing else they get a fast car they can use to earn credits.

    1. Umbra I’m just sayin… the game is so generous there’s no need to exploit it… I’ve finally started buying cars on auction… I made 12 million without cheating

    2. @Trevor Philips Why even bother racing or playing the game at all, if all you do is exploiting? You’re making it less fun for yourself and others, doing that you have achieved *nothing* in this game.

  4. So what your saying is don’t buy the aventador from your auctions cause you already took the 200,000 from the perks. Thanks for the heads up.

    1. Every car with an important perk is gonna be affected by this
      I know I’m 7 months late but for any new viewers

  5. So you’ve turned one of the most fun arcade racers out there into a used car salesman simulator?? That’s kind of impressive, actually.

    1. @Colhoun Clan. In some regards you are correct. But the handling and controls in both motorsport and horizon have a sim feeling.for example there’s no rubber banding. Which takes place in other arcade series such as burnout.

    2. @JagguFilmer i have drifted almost 10yrs too and i agree 100% from a drifter standpoint. the drift physics are outstanding on a good wheel. racing, upgrade and tuning wise it does feel arcade like and some things are over exaggerated though which is why i basically only use forza titles to drift and stick to pc2, ac, and iracing for actual racing.

  6. Man i love my leopard flats i won on my wheel spin they go great with my pink cowboy hat ….I also won on a wheel spin. Who wants this crap?

    1. Terry Price but you’re wasting wheelspins on garbage clothes when you could be getting something valuable, like maybe a car?

    1. @Lord of Cinder so do I… these ppl are weirdos😂 I haven’t sold a car yet… heh, maybe I should to see what the hype is about🤔

    2. 08DJTUNING i remember when I won the 93 ford mustang cobra r and didnt think much of it because i had it in all the other forzas. Last week i figured out it was rare and won a second won thru the 80% playlist but theres no point in selling it for 31,000 credits

  7. When placing a car back on auction all perks should be reseted or there should be an indicator warning the buyer that the perks have been used already ..

    1. Lord Shockwav no there shouldnt otherwise when you sell the aventador nobody will buy it cause they know you already took the 200,000 cr

  8. Omg wat an amazing tip. I used this to “gut” two mgb’s and use the proceeds to buy a hoonicorn which then I will use to farm skill points. Great video.

    1. Talk about hypocritical!!. You complain about the MGB’s you bought  having their credits used then go and sell Aventadors with the 300,000 credits used up  for 300,000 so the guy only gets a standard Aventador with very little perks he can use.You should sell the Aventador for a nominal fee (say 50,000) and mark your auction as “Money perk Used” so that way the person buying knows they are just getting a really fast car for less money.

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